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Blade CX3 Electric Helicopter EFLH2000

The flight experts have done it again. The Blade® CX3 MD 520N® RTF gives pilots unbelievable micro-heli excitement. The CX3 includes a radio system equipped with Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2™ technology in the LP5DSM transmitter and Spektrum AR6100e receiver, providing 5-channel control with interference-free flying. It’s covered in the licensed MD 520N scale body with an attractive police trim scheme.
Blade CX3 Helicopter
Just like its predecessor, the Blade CX3 offers first-time heli pilots exceptional stability and incredible control through the coaxial, counter-rotating head design and 3-in-1 control unit. In addition, this CX3 also features two feather-light S60 Super Sub-Micro servos that provide full cyclic movement of forward, backward and side-to-side maneuverability. The Blade CX3 also includes a heading lock gyro to provide better control and locked-in performance. As with other co-axial Blade helicopters, no flying experience is required to begin your heli flight with the Blade CX3. This indoor helicopter is 100% factory-assembled, test flown and ready to fly out of the box, no assembly or setup required—and nothing left to buy. The Blade CX3 is the first coaxial heli to incorporate a heading lock gyro, a Spektrum DSM2 2.4GHz radio system and a scale body all in one convenient ready-to-fly package.

Advanced 3-in-1 control unit including main motor ESCs, mixer & heading lock gyro
The heading lock gyro in the CX3 offers incredible hold and control to maximize your flight experience.
Interference free 5-channel E-flite transmitter with built-in Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 technology
Lightweight Spektrum AR6100e receiver with DSM2 technology
Two feather-light S60 Super Sub-Micro servos--just 6.0 grams each
DC Li-Po balancing charger and convenient AC adapter
2S 7.4V 800mAh Li-Po battery pack with charge protection circuitry
Co-axial, counter-rotating rotor blades that make hovering easy for first-time pilots
100% factory assembled and test flown--no assembly or difficult setup required
Compatible with most Blade CX2 option parts
First Time Flyers
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Blade CX3 Bind and Fly

Blade mCX RTF Helicopter EFLH2200

Blade mCX Ultra Micro Helicopter

The Blade® mCX is an ultra micro-sized version of the Blade CX/CX2, offering first-time pilots the ability to learn how to fly with ease and experienced heli pilots the ability to fly anytime, anywhere indoors. The Blade mCX offers unsurpassed stability and incredible control through the coaxial, counter-rotating head design and Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2™ control. And, thanks to its rotor span of just 7.5 inches and one-ounce flying weight, the Blade mCX can be flown indoors almost anywhere—from an office to a small bedroom or living room.

The Blade mCX comes 100% factory-assembled, flight-tested and ready to fly right out of the box—no assembly or setup required. Included in the box is the LiPo battery and convenient AA battery-powered DC LiPo charger, 4-channel transmitter equipped with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 technology, and 8 AA batteries (4 for the transmitter, 4 for the charger). The DSM2 technology offers freedom from frequency restrictions and allows the Blade mCX to be flown anywhere, anytime indoors with precise 4-channel control.

When it comes to ultra-micro heli fun everyone can enjoy, you simply can’t beat the value and performance of the Blade mCX. It’s just another way E-flite is advancing electric flight.

Also available in a Bind-N-Fly™ version (EFLH2280)

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Blade 400 3D RTF Electric Mini Helicopter

Blade 400 3D RTF Electric Mini Helicopter

The Blade 400 3D is designed to give intermediate to advanced heli pilots a ready-to-fly experience like no other. It comes 100% factory built and flight tested so you can get flying right away. There is nothing left to assemble or set up. The Blade 400 3D is ready for hovering and 3D aerobatics as soon as you finish charging the battery. And you can fly it just about anywhere, anytime thanks to the included Spektrum 2.4GHz DX6i radio system that avoids interference with other RC users, even those on other 2.4GHz systems. You also get the benefit of the DX6i’s advanced DSM2 protocol that provides the kind of locked-in, solid response that will let you fly even the most demanding 3D maneuvers with absolute precision.

Completely assembled and test flown at the factory
Capable of sport flying and 3D aerobatics right out of the box
Includes Spektrum’s DX6i 2.4GHz DSM2 6-Channel computer programmable transmitter and factory-installed AR6100e Microlite receiver
DS75 Digital Sub-Micro servos and G110 Micro Heading Lock gyro offer precise and powerful control
420H brushless motor, 25-amp brushless ESC and 3S 11.1V 1800mAh 20C Li-Po battery deliver incredible power and performance
CCPM control with push-pull elevator and direct-to-swash aileron/pitch linkages

Blade CX2 RTF Electric Micro Helicopter

Blade CX2 RTF Electric Micro Helicopter

Coaxial, counter-rotating rotor blades that make hovering easy for first-time pilots
Flight ready—no assembly required
Test flown at the factory to ensure proper setup out of the box
Interference-free 5-channel E-flite transmitter with built-in Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology
Advanced 4-in-1 control unit including 2.4GHz DSM 6-channel receiver, main motor ESCs, mixer and gyro
Two feather-light S60 Super Sub-Micro Servos—just 6.0 grams each
2-cell 7.4V 800mAh Li-Po battery pack with Charge Protection Circuitry
2-3 Cell DC Li-Po Balancing Charger and AC Adapter
Most parts compatible with the Blade CX

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