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XK RC Plane
XK A280 Parts
Wltoys XK A280 7.4V 600mah RC Battery packs parts for the XK A280 Plane.X420.0016.Total 4pcs.

Wltoys XK A280 7.4V 600mah RC Battery packs Parts for the XK A280 Plane.X420.0016.Total 4pcs.Replacement Accessories for the XK A280 P-51 MUSTANG RC Plane.

  • Wltoys XK A280 7.4V 600mah RC Battery packs parts for the XK A280 Plane.X420.0016.Total 4pcs.
  • Wltoys XK A280 7.4V 600mah RC Battery packs parts for the XK A280 Plane.X420.0016.Total 4pcs.
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Wltoys XK A280 parts 3.7V 600mAh RC Battery packs for the XK A280 Plane.This kit number is X420.0016.The quantity is 4pcs.
This set contains a The quantity is of 4 batteries. The price is optimized for value,and the cost performance is super high. At the same time,it can greatly increase the flying time of your playing. 4 batteries can play at least 40 minutes.

This parts is for Wltoys XK A280 P-51 MUSTANG RC Plane Airplane.XK A280 RC Fixed Wing Plane Glider,xk A280 Fighter rc model AirCraft

if you want to buy more Parts for this Wl-Toys XK A280 RC Plane,
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XK A280 P-51 MUSTANG Parts

Wltoys XK A280 P-51 MUSTANG RC Plane and Parts

The Description for the XK A280 Fighter RC Plane

1. This glider is designed based on the North American Aviation P-51 Mustang, with the inclination angle of the fuselage wing calculated precisely to minimize flight resistance and enhance flight stability and speed.
2. The aircraft has a full wingspan of 49.5cm, a captain of 56cm, and a fuselage height of 190cm. It weighs only 76g without the battery, and the flight time with a single battery can last between 7 to 10 minutes. By using a brushless hollow cup design, the flight time can be extended several times, allowing for continuous flight of up to 30 to 50 minutes with 3 to 5 additional batteries.
3. This aircraft is an upgraded version of the original A200, featuring a 4-channel design that adds one more control compared to the previous 3-channel model. It can perform stunts and difficult movements such as rolling in the air and slaloming.
4. The glider can fly as high as 150 meters, which is 50 meters higher than the previous model, while the remote control distance has also been significantly increased to ensure the safety of high-altitude flying.
5. This glider comes with its own gyroscope design to ensure smooth and stable flight, even when the throttle is released, avoiding the risk of accidents for novice pilots.
6. The aircraft is equipped with a high-discharge lithium battery that provides a maximum flight time of 7 minutes at full speed and over 10 minutes for gliding. It also supports multiple batteries alternately used for a longer flight time. The brushless motors have a long lifespan.
7. The dedicated USB charger provided with the lithium battery can recharge the battery in about 50 minutes.

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