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XK RC Plane
XK A250 Parts
Wltoys XK A250 BF-109 RC Airplane 4CH 3D/6G RC Glider,RC Fixed wing Plane.@@@@

Wltoys XK A250 BF-109 RC Airplane 4CH 3D/6G RC Glider,RC Fixed wing Plane.XK A250 BF-109 RC Plane Accessories

  • Wltoys XK A250 BF-109 RC Airplane 4CH 3D/6G RC Glider,RC Fixed wing Plane.@@@@
  • Wltoys XK A250 BF-109 RC Airplane 4CH 3D/6G RC Glider,RC Fixed wing Plane.@@@@
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Wltoys XK A250 BF-109 Fighter RC Plane, RC AirPlane RC Glider. Its shape is based on the corresponding design of the Germany BF-109 Fighter. Streamlined design, fast-flying speed. Flexible steering. At the same time, this glider is 4 Channel, the flight time can be very long. It is very suitable for the collection and play of aeromodelling and military model.

This parts is for Wltoys XK A250 BF-109 Fighter RC Plane Airplane.XK A250 RC Fixed Wing Plane Glider,xk A250 BF-109 Fighter Radio Control AirPlane RC model AirCraft

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XK A250 BF-109 Fighter Parts

Wltoys XK A250 BF-109 Fighter RC Plane and Parts

The Description for the XK A250 BF-109 Fighter RC Plane

Wltoys XK factory recently launched a new four-channel glider A250. It is made based on the actual Germany BF-109 fighter jet. The shape is realistic. As we all know, The German BF-109 fighter was designed by Messerschmitt, a designer at the Bavarian Aircraft Factory in Germany. The wings are located under the fuselage, with a full-face cockpit, retractable landing gear, and an all-metal fuselage and wings. Many features. This fighter successfully flew for the first time on May 29, 1935. It began to serve in 1936 and served in the 1930s and 1940s. It was the largest fighter in World War II, with a total productivity of more than 30,000 aircraft. It has excellent performance and is easy to produce. As the pinnacle of the piston fighter, it was also the pinnacle of the German military industry.

1 Special Foam: Light, Durable, Flexible..Special EPP foam material can keep this glider plane at light weight in the air and provides flexibility and durability to keep the plane from crashing damage. The weight of the entire plane is about 75g, and the glide flight time is about 10 minutes. The wingspan is 384mm, the length is 328mm, and the height of the fuselage is 100mm. The material is made of EPP+ engineering plastic, which is light in weight, stable in flight, flexible and resistant to fall and impact.

2 Powerful motor and Long flight time. The remote control adopts 2.4G transmission mode, and the remote control distance is up to 150 meters. , The driving motor adopts 1020 hollow cup motor, which not only ensures high-speed operation power, but also greatly reduces the weight. Improved the flight time.

3 Easy To disassemble and install..All wings and tail wing adopt snap-on design for easy disassembly and installation

4 The internal circuit board chip comes with a six-axis gyroscope flight self-stabilization system, which makes the flight path more stable. At the same time, it also has a remote control 6G/3D mode to switch at will. Among them, the 6G mode is suitable for beginners to fly. The 3D mode can realize somersaults, side-to-side rolls, and inverted flight. It is recommended to fly the aircraft to a certain height during operation to avoid improper operation and reduce the possibility of crashes.

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