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XK RC Plane
XK A210 Parts
Wltoys XK A210 T28 RC Plane, 4Ch 384 Wingspan RC AirPlane RC Glider.

Wltoys Wltoys XK A210 T28 RC Plane, 4Ch 384 Wingspan RC AirPlane RC Glider.

  • Wltoys XK A210 T28 RC Plane, 4Ch 384 Wingspan RC AirPlane RC Glider.
  • Wltoys XK A210 T28 RC Plane, 4Ch 384 Wingspan RC AirPlane RC Glider.
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This is the Wltoys XK A210 T28 RC Plane, RC AirPlane RC Glider. Its shape is based on the corresponding design of the T28 Raptor fighter. Streamlined design, fast-flying speed. Flexible steering. At the same time, this glider is 2 Channel, the flight time can be very long. It is very suitable for the collection and play of aeromodelling and military model.

This parts is for Wltoys XK A210 T28 RC Plane Airplane.XK A210 RC Fixed Wing Plane Glider,xk A210 T28 Radio Control AirPlane RC model AirCraft

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XK A210 T28 Parts

Wltoys XK A210 T28 RC Plane and Parts

The Description for the XK A210 T28 RC Plane

1. According to the real machine T28 fighter, the four-channel design is simple and easy to learn. The aileron channel controls the aircraft to turn left and right, the elevator controls the aircraft to climb and descend, and the throttle channel controls the speed of the aircraft. The direction controls the plane to turn left and right in a circle. The blades, motors, and wings are detachable for easy replacement. The flight control system adds two receiver conversion sockets. 5V is suitable for FUTABA (S-BUS) J and other receivers with (S-BUS) ports, and 3V is suitable for DSM receiver.
2. EPP+ engineering plastics, flight weight is about 75g.
3. Built-in six-axis gyroscope flight self-stabilization system, with 1020 motor super-powered deceleration group, the route lock is more stable. The remote control 6G/3D mode can be switched at will, and the 6G mode is suitable for beginners to fly. The 3D mode can realize somersaults, side-to-side rolls, and inverted flight. It is recommended to fly the aircraft to a certain height during operation to avoid improper operation and reduce the possibility of crashes.
4. USB special charger, more effectively protect the battery from overcharging.
5. The aircraft is fully assembled with the entire fuselage in yellow and black colors, ready to fly.
6. The operation is simple, and even beginners can easily master it.

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