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XK RC Plane
XK A200 Parts
Wltoys XK A200 Screws Parts.

Wltoys XK A200 Screws Parts.

  • Wltoys XK A200 Screws Parts.
  • Wltoys XK A200 Screws Parts.
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Wltoys XK A200 Parts Spare Parts-Screws set. These Screws kit Parts Accessories are for the XK A200 RC Plane. XK A200 Raptor Plane Parts.

This parts is for Wltoys XK A200 F-16B RC Plane Airplane.XK A200 RC Fixed Wing Plane Glider,xk A200 F-16B Radio Control AirPlane RC model AirCraft

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XK A200 F-16B Parts

Wltoys XK A200 F-16B RC Plane and Parts

The Description for the XK A200 F-16B RC Plane

1 This glider is a two-channel model glider produced by Wltoys factory. He is abbreviated to scale according to the shape design of the American F-16B fighter. This remote control plane adopts a two-channel design, which is very suitable for novices to learn and play. The 2-channel design is very simple to operate. The right hand lever of the remote control controls the left and right turn of the aircraft, and the left hand lever of the remote control controls the aircraft to climb and descend.
2 This glider is made of EPP material, which is very flexible and resistant to fall and collision, and is not easily damaged. At the same time, this glider is lightweight. It weighs only 46g. Can greatly improve the flight time.
3 This glider uses a 6-axis gyroscope, which can easily set the height. During the air flight, it can stabilize and balance the flight by itself, making the flight path more stable. In terms of internal structure, this glider adopts a dual-engine design with backward thrust. During the flight, the forward and reverse propellers can cancel each other's anti-torque force during the rotation.
3 This glider adopts 2.4GHZ frequency control, which can support multiple glider competitions at the same time without interfering with each other. The maximum height can reach 150m. Novices are advised not to fly too high. Then fly high after being proficient.
4 This glider is very quick to install and replace and is easy to carry.

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