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XK A170 Parts

Wltoys XK A170 RC Plane Parts Upgrade Boeing 787 XK A170 Parts Battery

Wltoys XK A170 RC Plane Parts Boeing 787 wltoys XK A170 Parts wltoys XK A170 Boeing 787 Upgrade Parts List Store. wltoys XK A170 RC Airplane Reviews,wltoys XK A170 Battery Packs Spare parts, XK A170 Motor, Fuselage, Propellers, Charger, Transmitter.XK A170 Manual.

The Video Wltoys XK A170 Boeing 787 RC Plane

Wltoys XK A170 RC Plane description

Wltoys XK factory recently launched a new four-channel glider A170. It is made according to the proportion of the real machine Boeing 787 trainer. The shape is realistic. As we all know, Boeing 787 (English: Boeing 787) is the first ultra-long-range medium-sized passenger aircraft in aviation history. It is a new model launched by the famous American aircraft manufacturer Boeing on December 15, 2009. The typical three-tier seating design in its variants can accommodate 242 to 335 passengers. The biggest feature of Boeing 787 is the extensive use of advanced composite materials to build the aircraft frame, ultra-low fuel consumption, lower pollution emissions, high efficiency and comfortable cabin rings. The first Boeing 787 was delivered to All Nippon Airways on September 26, 2011.The following specifically introduces the characteristics of this toy glider;

1 Special Foam: Light, Durable, Flexible..Special EPP foam material can keep this glider plane at light weight in the air and provides flexibility and durability to keep the plane from crashing damage. The weight of the entire plane is about 270g, and the glide flight time is about 10 minutes. The wingspan is 660mm, the length is 640mm. The material is made of EPP+ engineering plastic, which is light in weight, stable in flight, flexible and resistant to fall and impact.

2 Powerful motor and Long flight time. The remote control adopts 2.4G transmission mode, and the remote control distance is up to 200 meters. , The driving motor adopts 1109 Brushless motor, which not only ensures high-speed operation power, but also greatly reduces the weight. Improved the flight time.It also supports the use of multiple batteries in turn. Extend flight time.

3 Easy To disassemble and install..All wings and tail wing adopt snap-on design for easy disassembly and installation

4 The internal circuit board chip comes with a six-axis gyroscope flight self-stabilization system, which makes the flight path more stable. At the same time, it also has a remote control 6G/3D mode to switch at will. Among them, the 6G mode is suitable for beginners to fly. The 3D mode can realize somersaults, side-to-side rolls, and inverted flight. It is recommended to fly the aircraft to a certain height during operation to avoid improper operation and reduce the possibility of crashes.

Wltoys XK A170 Parts list and Upgrade Parts list

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    The details for the Wltoys XK A170 RC Plane

    Brand: WLtoys XK
    Item: RC Airplane
    Main Color: White, Blue
    Material: EPO
    Motor: 1109 Brushless Motor
    Frequency: 2.4Ghz
    Battery: 11.1V 950mah
    Remote Control Battery: 6* AA Battery(not Included)
    Charging Time: 1.5h
    Fly Time: 8min
    Remote Control Distance: 200m
    Size: Wingspan: 660mm; Length: 640mm
    Weight: 270g


    * Please read the instructions carefully before use.
    * Don't over-charge or over-discharge batteries. Don't put it beside the high-temperature condition. Don't throw it into the fire. Don't throw it into water.
    * There could be some deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing condition. Thank you for your understanding.

    Package Information:

    Package Size: 50.5*15.1*20.8cm
    Package Weight: 1425g
    Gift Box Package

    Package Included accessories details:

    1* RC Airplane
    1* Remote Controller
    1* Battery
    1* Charging Cable
    1* Screwdriver

    Product Features:

    1. According to the real machine Boeing 787 fighter, the four-channel design is simple and easy to learn. The aileron channel controls the aircraft to turn left and right, the elevator controls the aircraft to climb and descend, and the throttle channel controls the speed of the aircraft. The direction controls the plane to turn left and right in a circle. The blades, motors, and wings are detachable for easy replacement.
    2. EPP+ engineering plastics, flight weight is about 75g.
    3. Built-in six-axis gyroscope flight self-stabilization system, with 1109 Brushless motor super-powered deceleration group, the route lock is more stable. The remote control 6G/3D mode can be switched at will, and the 6G mode is suitable for beginners to fly. The 3D mode can realize somersaults, side-to-side rolls, and inverted flight. It is recommended to fly the aircraft to a certain height during operation to avoid improper operation and reduce the possibility of crashes.
    4. USB special charger, more effectively protect the battery from overcharging.
    5. The aircraft is fully assembled with the entire fuselage in White and blue colors, ready to fly.
    6. The operation is simple, and even beginners can easily master it.

    Wltoys XK A170 RC Plane Reviews

    1 American trainers Airplane start with "T". I usually buy fighter jets, but today I bought a trainer to go back, mainly for collection. Ha ha. Very satisfied, thanks. Good quality and low price.

    2 This is a very good aircraft, very suitable for beginners to play, even for 6 and 9 year old children can easily control. I bought it for my two children 20 days ago. At the same time I bought one myself. I bought 3 units in total.
    It's very easy to fly, and both of my children can fly by themselves. I will handle take-off and landing, and then let them fly steadily in the air.
    The material of this glider is EPP foamed polystyrene. It is recommended that you try not to fly in places with too much wind, because this will increase the difficulty of flying. We probably waited for about half a day. They started to play when there was no wind and they had a great time.
    The remote control range of this glider is very good. It can be controlled within 150 meters, which is very cool. I always remind them to keep a low profile and stay close to them. I also set the throttle to about 30-50% and let them use the joystick to control the flight.
    This is a great entry plane. It works out of the box! However, I hope I will buy more spare batteries and chargers in the future, so that the continuous flight time will be longer. .
    If charging at the same time, it takes about 30 minutes for each battery to charge, so you need to buy more chargers to charge at the same time.

    3 In my childhood, I have been "playing" with remote control planes, helicopters, cars and boats. Today I bought this for my 8-year-old son as his first RC airplane. EPP foam is very impact and bending resistance, as advertised. The internal six-axis gyroscope makes the flight very stable. After basically controlling the altitude, push the throttle to automatically sail. The control is very simple. At the same time, after learning, you can also challenge more difficult tricks such as flips and dives, which is great. The most important thing is that this product is high quality and inexpensive. The price is very good. highly recommended.

    4 Well, I am not a pilot. I tried several times before the plane took off. Take off by throwing the plane by hand, which is great. First, I control the remote control with my left hand and hold the glider with my right hand. Then let the remote control control the throttle to move, and the propeller to rotate. After the plane was spinning stably, I threw my right hand to the front of the sky. The plane started. The moment you activate the voice control, you can really experience the incomparable happiness in your heart.
    . I would say that this is an interesting plane and it is easy to fly. It should be the same for young children, because it is really easy to control. ...I flew for 10 minutes, changed the battery, and flew for another 10 minutes...Haha. No kidding, this price is interesting. It looks well made and can tolerate low-speed ground crashes. Good luck and happy flying.

    Wltoys A170 Common Question

    Where to buy the A170 RC Plane ?

    You can buy from the Amazon,ebay or our official wl-toys.com website. we can nearly ship all the world.

    How to fly the A170 RC Plane ?

    There are 2 methods in total: The first method is to use the hand-throwing method to take off. You hold the glider in your right hand, and then push the throttle of the remote control with the other hand. After the propeller rotates stably, throw the glider forcefully with your right hand. . The second method is to take off directly on the ground. Personally recommend the method of throwing by hand to make the glider wear less.

    How to replace the battery

    It is so simple. just remove the battery frome the AilPlane ,And put the New battery into the Gilder .then it is ok .