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Wltoys WL917

Wltoys WL917 RC Boat Parts Upgrade Wltoys WL917 Parts Battery Propellers Reviews

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Wltoys RC WL917 RC Boat Video

Why choose the Wltoys WL917 RC Boat ?

I am very happy that Wltoys WL917 Jet Ship was born. The speed of this high-speed brushless remote control boat is about 11-16km per hour. The propeller is built into the hull. Long battery life. The motor has a long life. Let you experience the great passion on the water. Let's introduce its characteristics in detail below.
1 This racing boat is propelled forward by means of jet water, both propellers are built into the hull, and the motor has a long service life. The full length of the remote control boat is 26*9.8*8CM. After this product has a built in propeller. The safety performance of the remote control boat is greatly improved. It can avoid the high-speed rotation of the propeller to scratch the child. Or the propeller wears out after hitting a rock. So you can use it in many scenarios. Such as swimming pools, streams, rivers, shallow beaches, etc.
2 This remote control boat is very suitable for children to play in both power and size, the power is suitable, and the safety performance is very good for children. A battery can play about 12-18 minutes. Charging time is about 120 minutes. It is very convenient and quick to remove and install the battery. You can buy a few extra batteries to extend the playing time.
3 This toy boat has a low voltage return function. When your battery is low, your remote control will receive a voltage alarm signal. At this time, you only need to get the boat back within 1 minute as soon as possible. 4 There are cool LED headlights installed on the top of this water shooter. The lights are very bright. You can have fun sailing at night. 5 This high-speed boat is equipped with 2S 800MAH lithium battery. Lithium batteries can be replaced at any time. Installation and disassembly are very convenient.
6 In terms of steering, this high-speed speedboat is equipped with a digital intelligent servo proportional remote control, which makes the steering more sensitive and reliable.

XKS Wltoys WL917 Parts Accessories list for WL917 RC Boat

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    XKS Wltoys WL917 Boat Product Description

    WLTOYS WL917 RC Boat 2.4G RC Jet Racing Boat Description

    Model Number:WL917 JET SHIP
    Product size:26.00X9.80X8.00 cm
    Color box size:29X8.5X23 cm
    Packing:Portable Bag
    GW./NW.:9.00/7.17 Kgs
    Meas:35.50X30.50X47.00 cm
    Using time:about 11 minutes
    Charging time:about 120 minutes
    Remote control distance:about 80 meters
    Body battery:7.4V 800mAh 10C
    Remote control battery:1.5V 2*AA(not included)
    Drive motor:370 motor*1
    Speed:about 16 km/h
    Material:plastic+Electronic components
    Remote control mode:2.4g remote control

    WLTOYS WL917 RC Boat Features

    1.Easy for children to operate and control
    2.To improve chidren's practical ability
    3.To train children's creativity and logical thinking
    4 Cool shape, travel speed is about (16KM/H),
    5 It can sail forward in shallow water by means of jet water flow, built-in propeller, bow anti-collision protection,
    greatly improved safety,
    6 full-scale steering gear steering is sensitive.
    7 The low voltage return function can send an alarm signal to 8 the remote control when the power is low.
    Cool lights make it easy to play at night.

    Package Include for the WLTOYS WL917 RC Boat

    The Boat * 1
    The remote control * 1
    Lithium batteries * 1
    Boat rack * 1 set
    Cable * 1
    Bunting * 1
    Manual screwdriver x 1
    1.5m hex wrench *1


    There could be a few deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing condition.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Wltoys WL917 Boat and Parts Reviews

    1 First of all, the speed of this boat is not high. But very safe. After I bought it back, I often let the children play on the swimming pool of family gatherings, because the propeller is hidden inside the hull, so it is very safe

    2 Children learn easily. Can be used as a beginner toy. Played with two batteries for 30 minutes, very satisfied with the online shopping. Boss business is booming.

    3 A small and lovely boat, this size is lovely, but the interior is very delicate. It has an all-around precise controller for precise control, and it has a waterproof electrically adjustable micro servo and a fixed water spray. Since it is 2.4GHZ, I bought 3 at the same time, and let the children play in the swimming pool of my own house, which is great. so happy

    4 It's pretty fun. I'm more proficient in playing all morning. It's great. It's so fun. I don't want to give it to my son anymore. Hahahaha.

    5 Wltoys remote control boat high-speed speed boat ship model can be recharged and can be downloaded and waterproofed on the yacht toy boat. Good things, fast speed * strong control! I bought an upgraded version with two batteries, which the child loves!

    6 My son likes it very much. The quality of the boat is not bad, the power is strong and the speed is very fast. The upgraded version bought a few more batteries and it took a long time to play. It also gave away vulnerable accessories, which is recommended to buy.

    7 Easy to organize: simple operation, not complicated. Baby features: good playability, fast speed and flexible control. The experience is beyond imagination. The design and protection are also very good. It is very practical that the ship capsizes can be restored. The merchants also sent batteries for the remote control, and the children had fun. Recommended.

    8 Very beautiful boat that the kids can put on the community lake. Although the speed is not fast, it is like the speed of a duck swimming in a lake. The seller's explanation is also very detailed. Let children learn to operate quickly.

    9 I feel very good after using it, the quality of the goods is good, and the delivery is very fast. In short, it is very good. This remote control boat is really high-end, which fulfilled my childhood dream. I am now more than 70 years old, and there is a large lake in the community, so I am very happy to have fun.

    10 The child likes it very much. I charged the battery last night. After finishing my homework today, I can’t wait to run to the park to try it out. After playing with a battery, there is no water in it, which is good.

    11 I originally bought it for my daughter to play, but I played it all. The overall production is well-made, the control is sensitive, and it is relatively resistant to roughness. I am not good enough and I hit a rock and capsized without any damage. I bought it before May 1st, and played the No.1 and No.5 each once. An enhanced battery is enough to play for about 20 minutes. Children of four or five years old seem to be a little too young to play, suitable for children at least ten years old or adults to play.

    12 The packaging is very good and the red is very beautiful. After receiving it, the child was super excited, and when the battery was fully charged, he hurried to play. The speed of the boat is good, and the maneuverability is also very good. It can last about 20 minutes in a single play. The hull is well sealed and worth buying.

    13 The DHL express sent by the seller was received within 5 days. This is the most satisfactory toy I bought. The workmanship, the material are very good, the color is also very beautiful, I accompany my child to play on weekends, and the child likes it very much. I'm very happy. I bought 5 batteries and took them out to play for a long time. The children now are so happy.

    14 This boat is really good, the materials and workmanship are very unique, and it is fun. It runs very fast on the water. I bought a few batteries and can use it in turn. I believe it can definitely dominate the small pond in the park.

    15 A very good boat, with a good-looking appearance and beautiful colors. Children like it very much. It is super fast to play. The remote control is also easy to operate. Children will play after watching it a few times.

    16 I like this boat very much. When I have time, I will go to the pond in the park with my friends. It is recommended to buy more batteries to play longer.

    17 The appearance is very good, the remote control feels good, the speed after launching is very fast, and the remote control response is also sensitive. The interior is double-layer waterproof, and the safety is quite high, which is good.

    18 The quality is not bad. My son likes it very much. When the two batteries are full, one battery can play for up to 20 minutes. The children will play for a while and stop for a while, and the two batteries can be used for an hour. It will be a bit off the track when you get it, you can fine-tune the distance through the buttons on the remote control, if the distance is not 120M, it will alarm if it is 50M. Don't dare to try, I'm afraid I won't come back. It is enough for children to play.

    XK Wltoys WL917 Common Question

    Where to buy the XK Wltoys WL917 RC Boat ?

    You can buy from the Amazon,ebay or our official wl-toys.com website. we can nearly ship all the world.

    How to run the XK Wltoys WL917 RC Boat ?

    Note that commonly used RC boats have a land power-off mechanism. So when you're on land holding the RC boat directly to test it. It won't turn. It will only work when the RC boat is in the water, or if you take a washbasin or bathtub and let the boat be in the water.

    How to replace the battery ?

    It is so simple. just remove the battery frome the boat ,And put the New battery into the Carbin .then it is ok .

    What is the Battery capacicy of the XK Wltoys WL917 ?

    The battery's capacity is 7.4V 800mah ,each battery can play 11 minutes