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Wltoys WL917
Wltoys WL917 Battery Fixed piece Parts.WL917-07.

Wltoys WL917 Battery Fixed piece Parts.WL917-07.XK WLtoys WL916 RC Boat Replace Accessories.

  • Wltoys WL917 Battery Fixed piece Parts.WL917-07.
  • Wltoys WL917 Battery Fixed piece Parts.WL917-07.
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Wltoys WL917 Parts Upper cover knob.The Kit Number is WL917-08.These Replace Accessories are very easy to install and remove.

This Parts is suitable for the Wltoys WL917 RC Boat JET Ship.

If you want to buy more parts for this RC Boat,
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Wltoys WL917 Parts

Wltoys WL917 RC Boat Jet Ship

The Feature for Wltoys WL917 RC Boat.

I am very happy that Wltoys WL917 Jet Ship was born. The speed of this high-speed brushless remote control boat is about 11-16km per hour. The propeller is built into the hull. Long battery life. The motor has a long life. Let you experience the great passion on the water. Let's introduce its characteristics in detail below.
1 This racing boat is propelled forward by means of jet water, both propellers are built into the hull, and the motor has a long service life. The full length of the remote control boat is 26*9.8*8CM. After this product has a built in propeller. The safety performance of the remote control boat is greatly improved. It can avoid the high-speed rotation of the propeller to scratch the child. Or the propeller wears out after hitting a rock. So you can use it in many scenarios. Such as swimming pools, streams, rivers, shallow beaches, etc.
2 This remote control boat is very suitable for children to play in both power and size, the power is suitable, and the safety performance is very good for children. A battery can play about 12-18 minutes. Charging time is about 120 minutes. It is very convenient and quick to remove and install the battery. You can buy a few extra batteries to extend the playing time.
3 This toy boat has a low voltage return function. When your battery is low, your remote control will receive a voltage alarm signal. At this time, you only need to get the boat back within 1 minute as soon as possible. 4 There are cool LED headlights installed on the top of this water shooter. The lights are very bright. You can have fun sailing at night. 5 This high-speed boat is equipped with 2S 800MAH lithium battery. Lithium batteries can be replaced at any time. Installation and disassembly are very convenient.
6 In terms of steering, this high-speed speedboat is equipped with a digital intelligent servo proportional remote control, which makes the steering more sensitive and reliable.

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