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Wltoys 284161

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Wltoys 284161 RC Car Video

Wltoys 284161 Parts And Upgrade Parts Accessories List

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    Wltoys 284161 Introduction

    everybody knows. the wltoys remote control cars have always been cost-effective and of superb quality. And his mosquito cart is also very famous. This time, Weili launched a new drifting off-road training racing car Wltoys 284161. It can not only drift, but also off-road, modification and upgrade are very simple. This mosquito car is a 1:28 full-scale design, almost the size of the palm of the hand. Although the size is small, the functions, speed, remote control time, and control performance are described in detail below:

    1 Long remote control time, up to 18 minutes. The remote control distance is also super long. Up to 100 meters. And changing the battery is very convenient and fast. Because buying multiple batteries can achieve the purpose of continuous and long-term play.

    2 The motor power part adopts a 180 brushed motor, and the maximum racing speed is up to 30km/h. To match such an exquisite and ultra-small mini car, 17.5*9.4*5.5CM. You will have a very big visual shock.

    3 The receiving board program of this car is more powerful than before. Control is more precise. Able to make a variety of difficult drifting movements. For example, fast turning, fast turning, lateral drift of fast braking, lighting control, etc.

    4. Both front and rear wheels have shock absorbers. Excellent shock absorption performance makes the body stability very strong. It can adapt to a variety of bumps that can better adapt to a variety of terrains. At the same time, the tires of this mosquito vehicle use all-terrain rubber tires, which have strong ground adhesion.

    5. As the new 1:28 mini race car in 2023, the receiving board and remote control are upgraded, using the 144001 remote control and internal programs, starting, turning, accelerating and other actions will be more precise and sensitive. At the same time, the internal steering gear adopts 5-wire and 3-wire digital steering gear to control flexible steering, making driving smoother, cornering more stable, and durable.

    6. This upgrade adds a lighting control channel. This channel can also be used to upgrade to a sound package or install a mini camera. Both are good choices.

    7. This time the tires have been upgraded. Compared with the previous tire size, this time the size is larger than ever before.

    8. It greatly increases the height of the chassis and can fit more .

    A mobile phone holder is added to the remote control. It is convenient for players to subsequently modify and upgrade to add cameras and wireless transmission devices.

    Wltoys 284161 VS Wltoys 284131 K969 K979 K989 Preview

    Tires comparison

    The tires of 284161 are the largest and can only be used for 284161. For the Wltoys 284131, k969, k979, K989,the tires can be used with each other.

    The speed Comparison

    1 First of all, without any subsequent upgrades, just according to the factory settings, the maximum limit speed of Wltoys 284161 is 30km/h. The maximum limit speed of k969,K979 K989 is Also 30km/h.

    The Size and Weight Comparison

    Overall, the 284161 is a little heavier. The weight of the 284161 is 234.8g (including the weight of the battery.) 。The weight of the 284161 is 181g (including the weight of the battery.) . The weight of K969,K979 ,K989 is aobut 176g (including the weight of the battery.). The size of the two is almost the same.
    In terms of size, the two dimensions are almost the same, the 284161 dimensions of the vehicle is 17.5cm x 9.4cm x 5.5cm.the 284131 dimensions of the vehicle is 17.5cmx8cmx5.5CM.the K989 dimensions of the vehicle is 17cm x 8cm x 6cm. The K979 size is 17.5cm x 6.5cm x 5.5cm. The K969 size is 18cm x 7.5cm x 6cm.

    Running Time Comparisond

    Theoretically, with the same battery capacity and the same discharge rate, the 284161 will run near the same 18 minuts as the K969,K979,K989

    Remote control distance comparison

    They all belong to the 2.4G series, and the remote control distance can reach about 100 meters. The remote control is very accurate

    Internal electronic device comparison

    In terms of internal electronic structure. The circuit board of 284161 is a new product in 2023, and the program has been upgraded. All kinds of drifting, turning, forwarding, and accelerating maneuvers will be more precise. At the same time, the lights can be turned on and off by remote control. K969, K979, K989 as the old generation. Relatively weaker.

    Charger comparison

    284161,284131adopts USB fast charge, charging faster. However, K989, K979, and K969 use older chargers, so the charging speed will be slower.

    Charger comparison

    284161,284131adopts USB fast charge, charging faster. However, K989, K979, and K969 use older chargers, so the charging speed will be slower.

    Other new features

    First of all, the lights of 284161 can be controlled independently.

    Secondly, the throttle button on the remote control has a one-handed mode, which allows you to directly control the throttle with one hand..

    Finally, a mobile phone holder is added to the remote control. Facilitate subsequent modification and upgrade. For example, add a remote control car camera, FPV real-time transmission device, and then the mobile phone can be easily fixed on the remote control..

    Wltoys 284161 specification

    Product Code: 284161
    Product description: 1:28 electric four-wheel drive short truck.
    Product material: PA + electronic components.
    Product size (cm): 17.5*9.4*5.5CM.
    Packing number (pcs): 24PCS.
    Color box size (cm): 24.5*14*20CM.
    Carton size (cm): 60.5*50.5*61.5CM.
    Product weight (bare metal) grams: 234.8g (including battery).
    Product weight (single box/g): 862g.
    Packing: sealed box.
    Gross weight/net weight (kg): Gross weight: 20.7KG Net weight: 18.8KG.
    Color: bright green .
    Top speed: 30km/h.
    Use time: about 18 minutes.
    Charging time: 63 minutes.
    Remote control mode: 2.4G remote control.
    Remote control distance (m): more than 100 meters.
    Drive motor: 130 brushed motor.
    Battery details: 7.4V 400mAh.
    Charging equipment: 7.4V 2000mA USB charging cable

    Product full function:

    1. Full simulation structure design, full real car control feeling (remote control, realizing high-speed driving, instant acceleration, deceleration, braking, retreat, turning, lights. Independent suspension of front and rear wheels for smooth cornering and stable body posture.
    2. Adopt 7.4V 400mAh, 180 brush motor, speed up to 30KM/hour.
    3. All-terrain rubber tires have strong ground adhesion and resistance to friction;
    4. Four-wheel shock absorber, the shock absorber performance can better adapt to the bumps of various terrains.
    5. Use 5-wire 3-wire digital steering gear to control flexible steering, making driving smoother, cornering more stable, and durable.
    6. Cool LED lights, no obstacles for operation at night.

    Package Include:

    Accessories list: clear book, 7.4V 2000mA USB charging cable, gear accessory kit, R type pin

    Wltoys 284161 Reviews

    1 The product has been received. Very precise and small. The speed is surprisingly fast. The remote control is heavier than the previous remote control. It feels better to control. very happy,

    2 This is a Christmas gift for children. Very happy, this new little guy, my children love it very much. Can't wait to take it to play. This car is easy to get started, and you can learn it in a few seconds. This time I bought 2 specially. In this way, my two sons can play together at the same time.

    3 This off-road vehicle is good, fast, and easy to modify at the same time. Remove the tires and easily replace them with off-road tires. I also plan to purchase DIY metal wheel tires to upgrade. Will it look cooler then?

    4 This little guy is too fast part-time. Incredible. Fun. When you first saw this guy, you thought it was so small, it was a child-like toy. The result is open. You will be surprised. The speed is so fast. Adults will soon fall in love with this little guy.

    5 My friends say that wltoys cars are cheap and of good quality. This time I was recommended by a friend to buy it. Really good. . The little guy looks small. The various structures inside are complete one by one. When opening. The control feels very cool and sensitive. The only disadvantage is that if it can be modified into a metal anti-collision, a metal wheel hub, and a metal differential gear, it will be more resistant to fall. The life span will definitely be longer. And if the speed can be increased to 70km/h, will it look like a small rocket? Ha ha.

    Wltoys 284161 Parts FAQ

    1 What is the difference between 284161 and 284131,K969 K989, are the accessories common ?

    First of all, 284161 is a 1:28 mini-series cross-country drifting dual-purpose racing car newly launched in 2023.284131 was lauched in 2021,the Wltoys K969, K979, K989, P929, P939 were launched in 2018. Their internal accessories are basically universal. A few except for the shell anti-collision parts, the internal support parts, and the receiving plate, the others are basically the same.

    2 Is the remote control Parts of 284131 284161 K989 and 284161 the same ?

    Hello, the remote controls of K989 and 284161 are not universal. The 284161,284131 remote control adopts the 144001 series remote control. Can not be used mutually. However, if you want to convert between each other, or upgrade, you can purchase a remote control + a receiving board of the corresponding model to perform the conversion.