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Wltoys 16800

Wltoys 16800 RC Excavator Parts Upgrade Wl-Model Wltoys 16800 Parts list, Wltoys 16800 Battery

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What is the Wltoys 16800 RC Excavator?

This is an 8-channel ultra-large 1:16 electric remote control simulation excavator produced by Wltoys Factory. The shape of this engineering vehicle adopts this all-alloy shell. The overall structure adopts a full simulation structure, which is scaled down according to the real excavator's appearance at a scale of 1:16. The size is appropriate, the appearance is very cool and lifelike, and the kinetic energy of operation is also very strong. It is very suitable for children's outdoor entertainment or Hobbies lovers.

The size of this engineering vehicle is 67.5X17.5X48CM. The weight of the product including the battery is approximately 4.746kg. It controls various actions through the remote control. Due to the proportional design, each step of the operation instruction of this heavy-duty construction vehicle is in accordance with your operation instructions. If your remote control is strong, it will excavate powerfully, and always let you feel the feeling of controlling a real excavator.

Let’s talk about some of its specific features

1 All joints of this excavator can be controlled independently. A total of 8 channels can be controlled from 8 directions. Like a real excavator, the chassis is heavy and the center of gravity is stable. The workbench at the bottom can be rotated at will, allowing you to experience the pleasure of digging at will. In order to further adapt to various road conditions, the bottom is equipped with alloy tracks, which are strong and resistant to fall and pressure.

2 In terms of remote control, this excavator supports remote control with a distance greater than 50 meters. This excavator adopts 2.4GHZ high frequency control and supports dozens of excavators to operate at the same time without interfering with each other. Through the remote control, you can also freely turn on the lights or sound effects, stopper protection and other actions.
When the excavator is working, the sound effect of the simulation is very realistic. It will make you feel like a real excavator. At the same time, this engineering vehicle is equipped with a smoke generator, which will emit smoke. Together with the sound effects, you can enjoy the real mining experience.

3 In terms of lighting. This model supports night play, with LED headlights installed on both sides. The lighting is very bright, so you can play at night without worry.

4 In terms of transmission, this model adopts metal screw transmission. Every action is realistic, precise and powerful.

5 In terms of power supply, this model uses a 7.4V 1500MAH rechargeable lithium iron battery. The use time is about 50 minutes. The charging time is about 3 hours. Battery disassembly and assembly are also very convenient.

6 This product is made of environmentally friendly materials from inside to outside, safe and non-toxic. After strict testing. Children play happily.

7 All kinds of accessories inside this engineering vehicle are sold in our store. You can play with ease. When all kinds of parts are worn out, you can find replacement parts in our store.

How to choose the wltoys 16800 parts?

First of all, all parts of this remote control car can be replaced, and it is very convenient to disassemble and install. Familiar ones can be purchased directly on this site according to the pictures.
If you are unfamiliar, see the parts diagram in the manual. Purchase according to the corresponding model inside.
For detailed parts pictures, please refer to this link to open wltoys 16800 parts diagram.

Where to buy the Spare parts for the wltoys 16800 car?

Our remote control Excavator are sold in many places around the world. You can buy it in physical stores, inject into Wal-Mart, model stores, or buy on Amazon
For accessories, it is recommended that you buy them directly from our RCHobbies Online stores, such as RCHobbies.org, eBay and Amazon.

How to Repair the wltoys 16800 Battery parts?

what is the type of the wltoys 16800 battery?

This WL-Model factory uses a 18650 lithium battery with a voltage of 7.4V, a capacity of 1500mah, and a discharge coefficient of 15c. Lithium batteries have the advantages of fast discharge speed, lightweight, fast recharging speed, and safe use.

Install batery method:

If you want to upgrade the battery of this remote control car, you must buy a lithium battery with a voltage of 7.4V and a discharge coefficient of 15C. The important thing is to say it again, choose a lithium battery. The battery capacity can be larger, such as the 2200mah and 3000mah batteries in our store.

Wltoys 16800 Parts and Upgrade Parts Battery List Diagram

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    Product parameters For the Wl-Model 16800 Excavator

    Model: 16800 Heavy Excavator
    Name: 1:16 electric remote control excavator
    Material: alloy + plastic + electronic components
    Product size: 67.5X17.5X48CM
    Color box size: 60.5X33X20CM
    Carton size: 61.5X34.5X22CM
    Packing number: 1
    Gross net weight: 6.18KG/4.88KG
    Product weight (bare metal) grams: 4746 (including battery)
    Use time: about 50 minutes
    Charging time: about 3 hours
    Remote control mode: 2.4G mode
    Remote control distance: more than 50 meters
    Drive motor: 380 brush motor
    Battery details: 7.4V 1500mAh lithium battery
    Charging equipment: 7.4V 2000mA USB charging cable
    Product accessory details: manual, charger, small screwdriver, remote control
    Full functions of the product: Full simulation structure design, full real car control feeling (remote control control), independent joint control, infinite rotation table, alloy track, simulation non-toxic smoke, 1:16 simulation ratio, strong power, simulation simulation sound effect , 2.4G anti-interference high-frequency remote control, multi-directional control, high-brightness LED light, metal screw drive, large-capacity lithium battery, easy to replace plug-in motherboard, free to turn on the light and sound effects, and limiter protection.

    Wltoys 16800 FAQ

    Question: Do the wltoys 16800 waterproofs?

    Most of the equipment of this remote control model is waterproof, which can drive in less watery terrain. At that time, if the water is too deep, try to avoid using it. Avoid the battery plug, etc., from touching water and burning the remote control car.

    Question: How long is it usable until the charge?

    When this Excavator is driving at full capacity, it can last about 50 minutes. If you upgrade to 2200mah, it can take 60 to 75 minutes. So you can buy more spare batteries. If one battery is dead, you can replace another battery.

    Question: Is there only one battery in the package or there is two?

    The original Excavator comes with a lithium battery inside. It has been installed in the remote control Excavator, you can directly connect and use it after receiving the goods.

    Question: what spare batteries do people recommend for this Model.

    We recommend that this remote control Excavator can use the upgraded version of 2200mah battery can greatly improve the driving time, experience more lasting driving pleasure.

    Wltoys 16800 Excavator Reviews

    1 Children like excavators very much, and yell at them every time they see an excavator working on the roadside. I bought a toy for him on the Internet. I didn't let it go after I brought it back. I took it to dig in the sand every day, haha.

    2 The quality of the car is good, and the children like it. Have fun with your friends. The child likes it very much, thinking about his toy at night! The packaging is very good and the children love it. Remote control toys allow children to play freely, manipulate flexibly, and develop intelligence.

    3 The packaging is very good and the price is affordable. After all, you can buy this at this price. The customer service patiently explains the five-star. The remote control excavator is very good, and the logistics is very fast. The baby likes this excavator very much, and I want to buy one for a friend’s daughter

    4 Good toys, meticulous workmanship, sound and light, and strong power, which greatly attracts my son to play and research, and no longer worry about small damage.

    5 The quality of the excavator is very good, and the baby likes to play! The operation is simple and easy to learn.

    6 The child has been fond of excavators for a long time, and finally bought them. They danced happily and kept playing. Children of good quality especially like it. The workmanship is exquisite and the value for money is much cheaper than the supermarket. It is value for money. I would recommend friends to buy it.

    7 Very good, the kids love it. It's much cheaper than the supermarket. It's good to be able to play by yourself all morning.

    8 The excavator that the baby has been fond of for a long time, I like it very much after trying it out. It has complete functions, music for children's rhymes, beautiful lights, fully automatic excavator, and wireless remote control. The baby likes it very much. I quickly mastered the battery and it is very durable! My son likes it very much. He feels how much playability is when buying an 8-channel, and it is very smooth to play, but I don’t know how long the battery will last! Anyway, first praise.

    9 Delivery is fast and logistics services are good. After the excavator was disassembled, it really exceeded expectations. What a pleasant surprise. The packaging is beautifully packed with three layers inside and outside. The simulations of each action are the same as the real machine. There are also lighting and sound effects. It can also be turned off by itself, and the design is also very human. The battery can be recharged and recycled. The most important thing is that the child really likes it, and I can’t put it down!

    10 When the baby is less than two years old, he usually likes excavators and bought one for him. Although he doesn't know how to play remote control, he is very happy watching me play. He also helps me put things in the big bucket so that I can transport the goods and the quality is good. Worth it!

    11 The control excavator has fashionable style, exquisite workmanship, exquisite packaging and affordable price. It’s great. The baby likes it very much. You can exercise your baby’s hands-on ability. Boys really love excavators. It’s even better if you give them a paw head. The excavator is particularly fun, the body is very axle heavy, the quality is good, there is no problem after playing for a few days, the manual on the back of the box is detailed and simple, and children can't put it down.

    12 For over 4 years old, easy to organize: very easy to install, baby features: aluminum alloy material, the workmanship is really great, the details are in place, much stronger than plastic, material introduction: it is recommended to buy aluminum alloy, my baby sometimes does not Cherish the toy, use this longer.