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Wltoys 144010

Wltoys 144010 RC Car Parts Upgrade Brushless Wltoys 144010 Parts list, Wltoys 144010 Battery

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Wltoys 144010 RC Car Video

Wltoys 144010 Parts And Upgrade Parts Accessories List

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    Wltoys 144010 Reviews

    1 Wltoys 144010 VS Wltoys 144001,124017 Rreview

    The speed Comparison

    1 1 First of all, if there is no subsequent upgrade, only according to the factory settings, the maximum speed limit of Wltoys 144010 is 75km/h. The maximum limit speed of 144001 is 60km/h.
    2 However, they all have room for upgrades, such as 144010, if you choose a higher power brushless motor, the speed can be increased to 80-100km/h. And the 144001 modification is also relatively easy, after the modification is upgraded to a brushless motor, the speed is also It can reach 75 to 85km/h. Because in general their internal structure is basically the same. You can also upgrade the performance of the 144001 by purchasing the official brushless upgrade kit for the 144010. 1.2 Secondly, although 144010 and 124017 belong to the official upgraded brushless version of the car, the maximum speed reaches 75km/h. But because 144010 is a 1/14 series, its size is smaller than 124017. So startup is faster and more flexible.

    The size and Weight Comparison

    Overall, the 144010 is a bit lighter. The weight of a single remote control car is 0.92KG. (Including the weight of the battery.).
    144001 single remote control car is 0.96KG. (Including the weight of the battery.).
    In terms of size, the two are almost the same size, the size of the vehicle is 35.6*20.8*11cm.

    Running Time Comparisond

    In theory, with the same battery capacity and the same discharge rate, if the driving speed is the same, the 144010 will run longer.
    But what about the actual situation? Because the 144010 is brushless, it will be faster than the 144001 under normal conditions, so when each is fully loaded for driving, the driving time of the 144010 will be reduced.
    measured by the system. When running at full capacity, that is, running at maximum speed, the 144010 runs for 8 minutes and the 144001 runs for 9 minutes.
    When real players play, they generally do not maintain the maximum speed all the time. So the real driving time will be extended by 3-10 minutes.

    Remote control distance comparison

    144010 adopts the official independent receiver and remote control, 2.4G transmission, and the remote control distance is about 100 meters. The 144001 uses a three-in-one overall receiving board of an ESC, a receiving board, and a heat sink. It is also 2.4G transmission, and the remote control distance is about 100 meters. So in terms of remote control distance, they are comparable, almost the same.

    Internal electronic device comparison

    1 First of all, I mentioned repeatedly that the 144010 uses an independent ESC, independent receiver + remote control design. The 144001 adopts the design of three-in-one receiver + remote control. Here three-in-one refers to the integration of three aspects: receiver + ESC + heat sink. . In terms of cost, the 144001's reception is very cost-effective. Due to the built-in heat sink, the service life will be longer.
    But in terms of long-term upgrades, 144010 is definitely better. Because when the receiver and the remote control are independent, it is very convenient for us to replace any new remote control + receiver in the future. For example, we can replace the remote control with a distance of 150 meters, or the remote control + receiving of multi-channel control.

    2 on the motor. The 144010 uses a 7.4V 2845-4300KV brushless motor. The 144001 uses a brushed motor with a diameter of 36mm and a length of 57mm. So in terms of size, brushless motors are smaller and lighter. Then the 144010 adopts this wave of brushless motor upgrades, which makes the 144010 run longer under the same speed and the same battery usage.
    At the same time, due to the characteristics of the brushless motor, its service life is much higher than that of the brushed motor. Thus, the driving and playing time of the remote control car is easily improved. We can spare a few more batteries for continuous use and experience the fun of high-speed racing.

    3 In terms of ESC, the 144010 uses a 35A 2S independent ESC with a fan. Due to the professional independent ESC, the output current will be more stable and accurate. Make the remote control car run more smoothly.

    Comparison of external changes

    1 First of all, in terms of color, 144010 is changed to a yellow style. And 144001 is red and green style.

    2 Secondly, in terms of tires, the tire texture of 144010 is more prominent, which will make the friction force of the tires larger, and the gripping effect will be stronger, which can make the high-speed remote control car more firmly grasp the ground, avoid run away. The 144001 tire texture is more delicate. A little thin. This design was originally designed to maximize the running speed of 144001. So in terms of tires, each has its own advantages.

    The Customer Reviews for the Wltoys 144010 RC Racing Car and Parts

    1 I am very happy that the official version of the brushless upgrade has been launched. I directly purchased the 144010 brushless upgrade kit to upgrade my 144001. I have already used it, very good and very convenient. grateful.

    2 The car is good speed and the right size. Children are driving in the village. Many children came to watch, the speed was very fast, and the grip was very good, tightly fitting the ground. Kids love it very much. 5 stars.

    3 Weili has been developing many models in the 1/14 series, such as the earliest L959 L959, then the 12428 which was popular for a few years, then 144001, 124019, and finally this 144010. . Super high configuration and super cost-effective price, and very good quality, has always been the driving force of our buyers love. We will continue to support Weili's products. come on.

    4 I have tested this product after receiving it. The texture of the tires has been subtly changed, and the grip performance will be better than before. It's definitely faster than the 144001, no doubt about that.

    5 Really like this high speed buggy. The official brushless configuration is very good, saving you the trouble of upgrading yourself. Getting started is easy. I learned it after playing with my kids a few times. very easy. The quality of this car is very good, very resistant to falls and impacts. Hit the roadside steps many times. It's all right. It is recommended to buy a few more batteries, and play together will last longer.

    6 I bought a total of 2 upgraded vehicles, one 144010 and one 124016, all arrived. Put the two cars together for a race measurement. 144010 starts faster, after all, the weight is smaller. After starting, the maximum speed is similar, but the chassis of 124016 seems to be higher and can adapt to more terrain. The 144010 is more focused on speed. At the same time, the improvement of tire texture can also be applied to some uneven ground.

    Wltoys 144010 Parts FAQ

    1 144001 can be used to upgrade the official brushless accessories directly ?

    Hi, it can be used. However, you need to buy a complete set, such as receiving board, ESC, remote control, motor gear, brushless motor, and then you can upgrade to the 144010 brushless configuration as a whole.

    2 Can the 2S battery accessories be upgraded to 3S? Can the speed be improved ?

    Yes.The 3S Battery is possible, but you need to replace the new ESC and brushless motor. Of course, if you replace it with a higher-powered brushless motor, the speed can continue to increase. On the contrary, after the speed increases, do you need to replace the battery with a larger capacity. If the same battery is still used, the driving time will be reduced.

    3 What are the differences between 144010 and 144001, are the accessories common ?

    Hello, 144010 is a brushless upgraded version of 144001, so except the receiver board, ESC, remote control, motor gear, brushless motor and other accessories, other accessories are all common. Of course 144010 tires have different textures, you can also use 144001 tires.

    4 Is the remote control of 144001 and 144010 common ?

    Hello, they are not universal. One of them is brushless and the other is brushed. Both the remote control and the receiving board are not universal. So if you need to buy, you must buy the whole set before you can replace and upgrade.