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wltoys 12428 battery

Wltoys 12428 Battery Upgrade Wltoys 12428 Battery list-2019 Best Bigger Lipo Battery No.12428

Wltoys 12428 battery,All Upgrade wltoys 12428 Battery list,Here has the Best Bigger Lipo Battery For Wltoys No.12428 Battery. Please come in and take a look .The best price.
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  • Wltoys 12428 Battery Parts. 7.4V 1500mah Battery(1pcs). 12428-00123

    Wltoys 12428 Parts Battery. 7.4V 1500mah Battery. The total includes 1pcs. This model accessories number is 12428-00123. This battery pack is the official Lipo battery. The Discharge coefficient is 15C. It includes 1pcs This battery is a rechargeable battery. It can be changed repeatedly, and each charge takes about 2 to 3 hours. To prolong the service life of the battery, it is recommended that before each charge, if it is just after playing, you can cool the battery for a few minutes before charging. When the battery is fully charged, cool down for about 1 minute before playing. When you don’t usually play. Take it out to discharge and charge it every once in a while, which can greatly extend the battery life and prevent bulging.


  • Wltoys 12428 Upgrade Battery Parts. Upgrade 7.4V 2200mah Battery With T-Shape Plug(1pcs). 12428-00123.The size is 65X38X18mm-

    Wltoys 12428 Upgrade Parts Battery. Upgrade 7.4V 2200mah Battery With T-Shape Plug.Total 1pcs). This model accessories number is 12428-00123. The Battery size is 65X38X18mm. Its capacity is higher than the 2200mah, so it can run more time than the 1500mah battery. The running time is About 15 minutes. This battery's size is perfectly suitable for the 12428 RC Car. Its weight is about 81g. The charge time is about 2-3 hours. Run more time.


  • Wltoys 12428 Upgrade 7.4V 2000mah Battery. 1pcs,12428-00123. Size 80X35X19mm

    Wltoys 12428 Upgrade Parts 7.4V 2000mah Battery. 1pcs, This model accessories number is 12428-00123. The Battery Size is 80X35X19mm. This upgrade Battery's Discharge coefficient is 25C. So it will run faster than the other battery. However, because the discharge rate per unit time is faster than that of a 15C battery, the running time will be shortened. It is about the same as the running time of the original 1500mah 15C battery.


  • Wltoys 12428 Upgrade version charger and Balance charger Parts. 12428-00124

    Wltoys 12428 Upgrade Parts version charger and Balance charger. This model accessories number is 12428-00124. Can charge 2 batteries at the same time. Not include the 2pcs Battery. The balanced charging of this charger is equipped with a voltage protection board, which can stabilize the charging current and protect the battery from charging smoothly.




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