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Wltoys 124018

Wltoys 124018 RC Car Parts Upgrade Brushless Wltoys 124018 Parts list, Wltoys 124018 Battery

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  • Wltoys 124018 RC Car,Wltoys 1/12 RC Racing Car 1/12 4WD Alloy 60km/h High Speed RC Buggy Electric RC Car

    1 The size of this product is 35.6X20.8X11cm. The packaging size is 45.6 * 22.7 * 14.1cm. Its size is slightly larger than 144001. Its top speed can reach 60km/h. High-speed operation time is about 9 minutes. The charging time is about 3 hours.
    2. The main body of the remote control car is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material and reinforced in many places, so the appearance looks strong and beautiful, and it has strong stability when driving at high speed.
    3. Use high-efficiency 550 carbon brush strong magnetic brush motor. Just adapt to the performance of this high-speed car. Increase torque at high speed.
    4. The differentials are all made of strong zinc alloy. Compared with plastic gears, this metal gear is more wear-resistant, resistant to high temperatures, and has a longer service life.
    5. The shock absorber system of the remote control car is a hydraulic shock absorber.
    Many people will ask what is a hydraulic shock absorber system? Hydraulic shock absorbers are important damping components for primary suspension and secondary suspension of locomotives (diesel locomotives, electric locomotives), subway vehicles, urban light rail vehicles and highway large passenger car bogies (bridges). The hydraulic damping force is formed by the reciprocating motion of the stretched and compressed piston rod to achieve the purpose of damping. It has good shock absorption effect and flexible shock absorption effect, thereby improving the stability, comfort and safety of locomotives and high-speed vehicles. The key components
    6. The car uses 2.4G remote control mode. The remote control distance is about 100 meters. The battery is a 7.4V 2200mAh 25c discharge rate battery. When disassembling and installing the battery, receiving board, motor, steering gear and other circuit equipment, it can be replaced directly by opening the body cover, which is very convenient.




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Wltoys 124018 Reviews

1 The quality is very good, exactly the same as the seller's description, really very satisfied, completely beyond expectations, the arrival speed is very fast, the goods are intact, the delivery attitude is very good, the delivery speed is very fast, and I am very satisfied with a shopping. The quantity is very good, I hope more friends will patronize, I will definitely patronize again, a good seller, the goods arrive quickly, the attitude is very good, and I am really satisfied! It's really good!

2 The car is really tough. Drift easily in place. The powerful power is not comparable to ordinary remote control cars.

3 The size of the remote control car is appropriate. 1/12 size, stability performance is better than 1/14. After all, the weight is heavier. The size is bigger. In addition, the battery capacity has been upgraded. The high-speed driving time is 9 minutes, if you usually play and then take a break, this time is basically more than 15 minutes. The speed is not fast. In terms of styling, comparing 124018 and 124019, I prefer 124018. Haha.

4. After receiving this product, I can’t wait to open it and take a look. The packaging box is very beautiful. Very texture. After opening the box, I was surprised. The shape of the remote control car is perfect. It's cool. After opening it, I can't wait to play with the child before. The speed is very good. But for my kids. I still use the low gear. Played for about 30 minutes. Because I bought 2 batteries. not bad. Haha. I am going to buy another one for my little son. Otherwise, the two children are always vying for this remote control car, hoping to get the second one earlier before Christmas.

5 I have always liked Weili's products. I ordered this product as soon as I saw it on Youtub. The price of this car is good and the price is very high. I will make a more in-depth evaluation after receiving the goods.
I bought a 12428 before and used it well, so this time I immediately bought a 124018. It looks a bit like 12428-B in appearance. After careful comparison, it is found that the wheels of this racing car are more gripping and faster. The weight is heavier. The battery capacity is also larger. After the test. It is indeed fast and has a firm grip. Quite like it. highly recommended.