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Wltoys 124017

Wltoys 124017 RC Car Parts Upgrade Brushless Wltoys 124017 Parts list, Wltoys 124017 Battery

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Wltoys 124017 RC Car Video

Wltoys 124017 Parts And Upgrade Parts Accessories List

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  • Wltoys 124017 RC Truck,Wltoys 1/12 RC Racing Vehicle 4WD Alloy 60km/h High Speed RC Buggy Electric RC Car

    1 The size of this product is 35.6X20.8X11cm. The packaging size is 45.6 * 22.7 * 14.1cm. Its size is the same as the 124019. It is the upgrade Brushless version for the 124019.Its top speed can reach 75km/h. High-speed operation time is about 8 minutes. The charging time is about 3 hours.
    2. The main body of the remote control car is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material and reinforced in many places, so the appearance looks strong and beautiful, and it has strong stability when driving at high speed.
    3. Use high-efficiency 550 carbon brush strong magnetic brush motor. Just adapt to the performance of this high-speed car. Increase torque at high speed.
    4. The differentials are all made of strong zinc alloy. Compared with plastic gears, this metal gear is more wear-resistant, resistant to high temperatures, and has a longer service life.
    5. The shock absorber system of the remote control car is a hydraulic shock absorber.
    Many people will ask what is a hydraulic shock absorber system? Hydraulic shock absorbers are important damping components for primary suspension and secondary suspension of locomotives (diesel locomotives, electric locomotives), subway vehicles, urban light rail vehicles and highway large passenger car bogies (bridges). The hydraulic damping force is formed by the reciprocating motion of the stretched and compressed piston rod to achieve the purpose of damping. It has good shock absorption effect and flexible shock absorption effect, thereby improving the stability, comfort and safety of locomotives and high-speed vehicles. The key components
    6. The car uses 2.4G remote control mode. The remote control distance is about 100 meters. The battery is a 7.4V 2200mAh 25c discharge rate battery. When disassembling and installing the battery, receiving board, motor, steering gear and other circuit equipment, it can be replaced directly by opening the body cover, which is very convenient.




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Wltoys 124017 Reviews

1 Wltoys 124017 VS Wltoys 124019 Preview

The speed Comparison

1 First of all, without any subsequent upgrades, just according to the factory settings, the maximum limit speed of Wltoys 124017 is 75km/h. The maximum limit speed of 124019 is 60km/h.

2 However, they both have room for upgrade, for example, if 124017 choose a more powerful brushless motor, the speed can also be increased to 80-100km/h .
The 124019 is relatively easy to modify and upgrade to a brushless motor, the speed can also reach 75 to 85km/h. Because in general, their internal structure is basically the same.

The Size and Weight Comparison

Overall, the 124017 is a little lighter. It is about 310g lighter. The weight of the 124017 alone is 0.931KG (including the weight of the battery.) . The weight of 124019 is 0.96KG (including the weight of the battery.). The size of the two is almost the same.
In terms of size, the two dimensions are almost the same, the dimensions of the vehicle are 35.6 * 20.8 * 11cm.

Running Time Comparisond

Theoretically, with the same battery capacity and the same discharge rate, the 124017 will run longer if the driving speed is the same.
But what about the actual situation? Because the 124017 is brushless, it will run faster than the 124019 under normal conditions, so the 124017 will take less time to drive when each is fully loaded.
After the system measurement. When running at full load, that is, at maximum speed, the 124017 runs for 8 minutes and the 124019 runs for 9 minutes.
And when real players play, they generally do not keep the maximum speed all the time. So the real driving time will be extended by 3-10 minutes./

Remote control distance comparison

The 124017 uses a separate receiver and remote control, 2.4G transmission, and the remote control distance is about 100 meters. The 124019 is a three-in-one receiver board with ESC, receiver board, and heat sink, also with 2.4G transmission, and the remote control distance is also about 100 meters. So in terms of remote control distance, they are comparable, almost the same.

Internal electronic device comparison

1. First of all, it is repeatedly mentioned that the 124017 is designed with independent ESC, independent receiver + remote control. The 124019 is a 3-in-1 receiver + remote control design. Here three in one refers to the receiver + ESC + heat sink three accessories into one. In terms of cost, the 124019 receiver is very cost effective. Since it comes with a heatsink, the life span is also longer.
But in terms of long-term upgrade, the 124017 is definitely better. Because when the receiver and remote control are independent, then it is very convenient for us to replace any new remote control + receiver. For example, we can replace the remote control with the distance of 150 meters, or multi-channel control of the remote control + receiver.

2. Motor comparison. 124017 is used for 2845 3400kv brushless motor. Brushless motor diameter is 28mm, length is 45mm. 124019 is a brush motor, brush motor diameter is 36mm, length is 57mm. So the size, brushless motor is smaller, lighter weight. Then the 124017 adopts brushless motor this wave of upgrade, so that the 124017 will run longer at the same speed and with the same battery use.
At the same time, due to the characteristics of brushless motor, its service life is much higher than that of brush motor. Thus easily improve the time of RC car driving and playing, we can spare more batteries for continuous use and experience the fun of high speed racing.

3 ESC, 124017 adopts 60A independent ESC. Because it is a professional independent ESC, its function of limiting the current size will be more stable and accurate.

Comparison of external changes

1 First of all, in terms of color, 124017 is changed to blue style . And 124019 for purple style.

2 Second, in terms of tires, 124017 tires texture is more prominent, which will make the tire friction will be greater, the grip effect will be more powerful, can make high-speed remote control car can more firmly grip the ground, to avoid idling, skidding. And 124019 tires texture is more delicate. A little thinner. This design was also designed to maximize the 124019's running speed. So in terms of tires, each has its own benefits.

The Customer Reviews for the Wltoys 124017 RC Racing Car and Parts

1 I'm glad that the official brushless upgrade version is available, I bought the brushless upgrade kit for the 124017 directly to upgrade my 124019 and have used it, it's nice and easy. Thanks.

2 This car is good speed and the right size. Small children driving inside the village. Many children have come around, the speed is very fast, and the grip is very good, tightly fit the ground. 5 stars.

3 Wltoys in the 1/12 series has been developing a lot of models, such as the earliest L959 L959, and then to the popular 12428, then 144001, 124019, and finally to this 124017. The super high configuration and super cost-effective price, as well as very good quality, has been the driving force behind our buyers' love. We will continue to support the Weili company's products. Go for it.

4 I have tested this product after I received it. The texture change of the tire is very clever and the grip will be a little better than before. The speed is definitely faster than 124019, there is no doubt about it.

5 Really like this high speed trail bike. The official brushless configuration is great and saves you the trouble of upgrading it yourself. It's easy to get started. I plus children play a few times to learn. Very easy. The quality of this car is very good, very resistant to fall, impact resistance. Many times hit the steps on the roadside. All fine. It is recommended to buy more batteries, play together will use longer some.

6 bought a total of 2 upgrade vehicles, a 124016, a 124017, have arrived. 124017 started faster, after all, the weight is a little smaller. After starting the maximum speed are similar, but the 124018 chassis seems to be a little higher, to adapt to more terrain some. The 124017 is more speed oriented. At the same time, the tire texture improvement, slightly in some uneven ground also applicable.

Wltoys 124017 Parts FAQ

1 Wltoys 124019 can be used to upgrade the official brushless accessories directly?

Hello, it is available. But you need to buy a complete set, such as receiving board, ESC, remote control, motor gear, brushless motor, and then you can upgrade to the 124017 brushless configuration as a whole.

2 Can Wltoys 124017 battery accessories be upgraded to 3S? Can the speed be increased ?

3S is possible, but it needs to be replaced with a new ESC and brushless motor. Of course, if you change to a brushless motor with higher power, the speed can continue to increase. On the contrary, after the speed is increased, do you need to replace the battery with a larger capacity. If you still use the original battery, the driving time will be reduced.

3 What is the difference between 124017 and 124019, are the accessories common ?

Hello, 124017 is a brushless upgrade version of 124019, so except for the receiving board, ESC, remote control, motor gear, brushless motor and other accessories, all other accessories are universal. Of course, 124017 tires have different textures, and you can also use 124019 tires.

4 Is the remote control Parts of 124019 and 124017 common?

Hello, it is not universal. One of them is brushless and the other is brushed. The remote control and receiving board are not universal. So if you need to buy, you must buy the whole set before you can replace and upgrade.