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Wltoys 104072

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Wltoys 104072 RC Car Video

1 Why choose the WLtoys 104072 Force RC Car ?

As we all know,Wltoy products have always won the favor of the majority of model players with high quality and high cost performance. During the period,the classic 1/10 series of 10428 104001 104009 racing cars are all let players love it. And everyone has always expected Wltoys to launch a 1:10 series of higher configuration,larger size,Brushless Version high-speed off-road vehicle. So this off-road vehicle was born in this context.

1 He has all the advantages and structural design of the 104072 high-speed off-road vehicle. The brush speed is as high as 60km/h. Yes,such a large volume,60km/h,is like a rampage hunter.
At the same time,because the internal space is large enough to meet your larger upgrade needs,such as upgrading the brushless version,the speed can be as high as 65 to 75km/h.

2 You know,the same type of 1:10 remote control car,such as LC Racing 1/10 EMB-1,has a similar price of up to $600 in the market. And it does not include all types of circuit equipment,such as radio receivers,ESCs,motors,servos,batteries and chargers. So if you add these market prices,it is estimated that it will cost 1,000 to 1,200 US dollars,and the final total price of this 104072 is only about 200 US dollars after including all the circuit equipment. So you can see the price and performance after a while.

3 You should know that 1/10 series such as K949,10428,104001,104009 and so on. Due to the willingness to be slightly smaller,the chassis will be relatively lower. And this 1:10 series chassis is higher. Larger space,suitable for high-speed operation under more complicated road conditions,such as grass overgrown with weeds. Rough sand and so on. The driving stability and jitter performance are even better.

4 The power equipment of this device uses 7.4V 3000MAH 20C lithium battery. Because the internal space is large enough,you can completely upgrade to a larger capacity battery such as 4200mah to increase the running time. And the original battery itself can run for 10-15 minutes.

2 WLtoys 104072 Parts and Upgrades Parts Accessories list

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    3 Wltoys 104072 RC Car Reviews

    3.1 #1. wltoys 104072 vs 124019

    The Speed Compared

    A) 124019 is a racing car with super fast running speed in Weili products. The speed of brusless Version as high as 60km/h. At the same time,it is small and exquisite. In contrast,104072 is larger. There is a limit speed of 60km/h. Note: The limit speed refers to the maximum speed reached by idling. When the road conditions on the ground are different,such as muddy environment,lawn environment,and uneven ground conditions,the speed will be lost. This is lossy for both 124019 and 104072 speeds.

    B) Why is 124019 faster under the same power equipment? There are several reasons. The first is that 124019 is lighter in weight,so it will start to accelerate faster when accelerating,and it will be easier to reach the top speed. However,104072 has a relatively large weight,and the acceleration will be slower if the same power is started. To reach the maximum speed,the acceleration distance and time required are longer.

    The second reason is the visual effect,because 124019 is smaller and 104072 is larger. So you feel that the displacement of the same object on the same road section will have different feelings.

    In summary,at the same distance and length,due to acceleration,volume,and weight,the overall speed of 104072 will be slower.

    The Size and Weight Compared

    A) In terms of size. 124019 belongs to the 1:12 series,the size is 35.6X20.8x11cm. The entire car sound including the battery weighs 0.96KG.

    B) 104072 is 1:10 series size. The size is 48.7*22.5*14.5CCM,. The weight of the single body including the battery is 2245.6g,

    In general,104072 weighs almost twice as much as 124019. The size is larger.

    C) 104072 is larger and the height of the chassis from the ground is higher,so it is relatively suitable for more complex road conditions.

    The Inner Electronic equipment Compared

    In general,the internal electronic equipment,the two remote control cars use the same electronic equipment structure.

    3.2 #2. The customer reviews for the Wltoys 104072 RC Racing Truck

    1. The sports car is received. The logistics is very good. The packaging is tall,feels good and has a certain weight. The high-speed four-wheel drive is full of power. Now boys like to play this kind of sports car,which can cultivate children's reaction ability and control. ,In short,very good,very satisfied.

    2. The children like it so much,it is full of weight. The color matching is great,which is much more cost-effective than the physical store. The appearance of the car is very cool,the remote control command is very sensitive,and the running is very exciting. The power is sufficient,and children like it.

    3 The car is very beautiful,has a good texture,has sufficient power,can play for a long time,runs fast and runs smoothly,and children love it! The most important thing is to expand and train children's thinking ability! Distract children who love to play with mobile phones.

    4 I bought the brushed version because I am a novice,but the power is still very abundant,the car is very fast,and the metal accessories given by the boss are very cost-effective. The boss has patiently answered and solved the problems encountered and strongly recommended.

    5 It feels very textured when I get it,and the details are handled very well. My son said that he can change the tires,which is really fun.

    6 The off-road vehicle is very nice! The speed is too fast,the rhythm to fly! The material is PVC soft shell,which is very self-willed. It is no problem to turn a few somersaults. The front and rear bumpers are also more resistant to crashes. There are differentials on the front and rear,and metal transmission shafts,which make it more stable to run! The battery is also durable. A battery can play for a long time! The service attitude in the store is also very good! Recommended.

    7 I went out and ran a few laps today. It was very exciting. The color of the car is beautiful,the speed is levered,and the remote control is sensitive. The children also like it very much.

    8 It is really easy to use without blowing the tires. The first time I bought it,it can be directly compared with the real car. The speed is too fast and too violent,so I bought a metal chassis and metal connecting rod from the store! Buying a car at this speed is really a treasure,and it is also suitable for novices. Because the speed of this car has reached the speed of professional modification!

    9 Baby really likes it,and the customer service attitude is also very good,worth it! I will come to buy it if necessary in the future.

    10 The speed and quality are really good. I tried to drive as normal as I dropped it in the water and took it out. The child threw the car from the second floor upstairs and there was no damage to the accessories! This quality is really good! No wonder the store is always telling me when I buy it,it’s really good quality!

    11 The packaging is very delicate. This remote control car is a birthday gift for my nephew. He likes it very much. I can't put it down and take it wherever I go.

    12 A friend introduced it,the quality is really good,the baby likes it very much,and it is recommended to buy it if you are satisfied.

    13 This is the second time I came to your home for shopping. Every time it is worth the money. It is worth buying. Very satisfied. In anticipation,my son finally got his beloved toy. Thank you!

    14 1 to 10 large size all-metal 130A waterproof ESC with fan + 3200kv value + head-up wheel + adjustable steering gear metal connecting rod + adjustable metal swing arm connecting rod + powder metallurgy differential + high-strength metallurgical gear. You can also modify the ESC lighting,etc. The price is really worth it! It is recommended to buy,and add the modified video when my 3S battery arrives.

    15 This car is really invincible. It is so high that the roof is still driving normally. It is also waterproof. It also supports 3S battery modification. It is strongly recommended to buy it!

    16 Overall,it is good. Most parts are made of metal parts. The speed is too fast. It is still a bit difficult for children to operate. Fortunately,children like to learn by themselves,which is better than playing with a mobile phone! It's worth a few hundred dollars! Maybe when he grows up,he will have more mechanical knowledge than other children!

    4 FAQs About Wltoys 104072

    4.1 Q.1 Wltoys 104072 compared 124019 144001,Which is Better ?

    First of all, in terms of speed, the limit speed of 104072 is at 60km/h, while the limit speed of 124019 144001 will reach 60km/h and 50km/h. Secondly, in terms of body size, 104072 is a 1:10 ratio, and the size is 48.7*22.5*14.5cm. The weight of the single body including the battery is 2245.6g. And 124019 is 1:12 ratio. The size is 35.6X20.8x11cm. The 144001 is 1:14 ratio.The entire car sound including the battery weighs 0.96KG. Finally, the 104072 chassis has a higher distance from the ground and can adapt to a variety of complex road conditions, such as overgrown terrain, uneven muddy ground, and so on. Furthermore, 104072 has a larger internal space, so the upgradeable space is wider, and it is more suitable for you to modify more advanced equipment. It is a better choice for diy creators.

    4.2 Q.2 Is the Wltoys 104072 waterproof?

    Yes,the Wltoys 104072 RC Racing Car Truck is waterproof,you can drive it on beach,sand,grass,mud and other surfaces.

    4.3 Q.4 What motor is in the Wltoys 104072 ?

    The Wltoys 104072 High Speed RC Truck has 22T 550 Brushed motor.

    4.4 Q.4 Is the Wltoys 104072 brushless?

    This product is brushed. The internal space is relatively large. You can upgrade to a brushless version according to your needs. The brushless version supports a larger capacity battery,or 3S battery,you can also try to modify it.

    4.5 Q.5 Who makes the Wltoys 104072?

    The XK Wltoys company makes this High Speed RC Racing Trucks .