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Wltoys 16800
Wltoys 16800 Large and small arm components.1722. The material is made of powder alloy.

Wltoys 16800 Large and small arm components.1722. The material is made of powder alloy. WlTOYS Wl-Model 16800 RC Excavator Parts Accessories.

  • Wltoys 16800 Large and small arm components.1722. The material is made of powder alloy.
  • Wltoys 16800 Large and small arm components.1722. The material is made of powder alloy.
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Wltoys 16800 Parts Large and small arm components.This kit number is 1722. The material is made of powder alloy. This kit contains 1x boom right, 1x boom left, 1x forearm right, 1x forearm left, 1x bucket push rod trim, 1x forearm push rod trim, 1x boom push rod trim, 1x Bucket push arm, 1x bucket fixed arm left, 1x bucket fixed arm right, 2x lamp holder, 2x lampshade, 1x middle arm tubing trim, 1x bucket tubing trim, 4x limit switch cap, 2x small arm wave Box cover, 2x arm gearbox bottom, 2x arm gearbox motor cover, 2x arm gearbox motor gear 9T, 4x steering gearbox two-stage gear, 2x steering gearbox three-stage clutch lower gear, 2x steering gearbox three-stage Clutch upper gear, 2x arm gearbox four-stage transition gear 21T, 2x arm gearbox output gear 22T, 2x carbon brush motor, 2x motor plate, wire, optical shaft, optical shaft, double flower shaft gasket, copper sleeve, Compression spring, screw sleeve, long screw barrel, short screw barrel, long screw, short screw, push rod adapter, push rod decorative head, boom output gear, ball bearing, optical axis, optical axis, optical axis, head nails, M4 lock nut, M3 lock nut, spring leaf, oil bearing,Screws and other components.

This parts is for Wltoys 16800 RC Excavator. Wl-Model 16800 1/16 RC Heavy RC Construction Equipment for Kids and Adults

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Wltoys 16800 Parts

Wltoys 16800 RC Excavator and Parts

The Features for the Wltoys 16800 RC Excavator

Let’s talk about some of its specific features

1 All joints of this excavator can be controlled independently. A total of 8 channels can be controlled from 8 directions. Like a real excavator, the chassis is heavy and the center of gravity is stable. The workbench at the bottom can be rotated at will, allowing you to experience the pleasure of digging at will. In order to further adapt to various road conditions, the bottom is equipped with alloy tracks, which are strong and resistant to fall and pressure.

2 In terms of remote control, this excavator supports remote control with a distance greater than 50 meters. This excavator adopts 2.4GHZ high frequency control and supports dozens of excavators to operate at the same time without interfering with each other. Through the remote control, you can also freely turn on the lights or sound effects, stopper protection and other actions.
When the excavator is working, the sound effect of the simulation is very realistic. It will make you feel like a real excavator. At the same time, this engineering vehicle is equipped with a smoke generator, which will emit smoke. Together with the sound effects, you can enjoy the real mining experience.

3 In terms of lighting. This model supports night play, with LED headlights installed on both sides. The lighting is very bright, so you can play at night without worry.

4 In terms of transmission, this model adopts metal screw transmission. Every action is realistic, precise and powerful.

5 In terms of power supply, this model uses a 7.4V 1500MAH rechargeable lithium iron battery. The use time is about 50 minutes. The charging time is about 3 hours. Battery disassembly and assembly are also very convenient.

6 This product is made of environmentally friendly materials from inside to outside, safe and non-toxic. After strict testing. Children play happily.

7 All kinds of accessories inside this engineering vehicle are sold in our store. You can play with ease. When all kinds of parts are worn out, you can find replacement parts in our store.

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