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UDIRC 1603

UDIRC 1603 RC Car Parts UDi 1603 Upgrade Parts Brushless UD1603 Parts Battery reviews

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The UDIRC 1603 UD1603 RC Car Video

The Feature for the UD1603 RC vehicle

The UDIRC RC factory recently launched a new 1:16 off-road racing car. The model is UD1603 , let's introduce its features for you below:
1 This racing car is equipped with headlights in front of the angel's eyes. There are three lighting adjustment modes. At night, you can also drive happily and experience the fun of racing.
2 This off-road vehicle is equipped with ESP body electronic stability system. The built-in gyroscope makes driving more stable and accurate.
3 The interior of the car is all equipped with high-precision ball bearings, with minimal resistance and more power。
4 This car is very convenient to upgrade and modify. The manufacturer has developed upgradeable brushless kit components for you, and you can purchase upgrades according to your own needs. At the same time, this car's original factory has 2 sets of tires, a set of racing tires, and a set of drift tires. In this way, you can drive happily in different terrain environments. Experience more racing games. Difficult movements such as tail flick, drift, hurricane, and tumbling.
5 This racing car uses 2.4GHZ technology remote control and supports multiplayer competitions at the same time. The remote control distance is up to 80m, and the printing speed is up to 35km/hour. The speed of brushless version is as high as 45-50km/x hour.
The steering gear adopts 17g high torque steering gear. The torque reaches 1kg. The original motor uses a 380 brushed motor, and the upgraded version of the brushless motor uses a 7.4V 3900KV high-speed brushless motor. The front and rear of the vehicle body are equipped with damping shock absorbers, which reduce the impedance of the vehicle body when running at high speeds and improve driving speed and smooth performance.
6 This racing car is powered by a 7.4V 1200MAH lithium battery, which is powerful and can run for about 20 minutes. You can also upgrade a larger capacity battery according to your needs in the future.
7 The internal circuit system, such as the ESC, adopts a waterproof design. It can drive safely at high speed in muddy and complicated road conditions.
Overall, this car is of good quality and cost-effective. You can participate in high-speed driving competitions, and you can also participate in highly difficult action control competitions. A lot of playability. It is worth recommending to everyone.

UDIRC 1603 Parts and Upgrade Parts Accessories list

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    UDIRC 1603 Introduction

    everybody knows. the UDIRC remote control cars have always been cost-effective and of superb quality. And his mosquito cart is also very famous. This time, Weili launched a new drifting off-road training racing car UDIRC 1603. It can not only drift, but also off-road, modification and upgrade are very simple. This mosquito car is a 1:16 full-scale design, almost the size of the palm of the hand. Although the size is small, the functions, speed, remote control time, and control performance are described in detail below:

    1 Long remote control time, up to 18 minutes. The remote control distance is also super long. Up to 100 meters. And changing the battery is very convenient and fast. Because buying multiple batteries can achieve the purpose of continuous and long-term play.

    2 The motor power part adopts a 370 brushed motor, and the maximum racing speed is up to 30-35km/h. For the brushless version adopts a 540 Brushless motor,, and the maximum racing speed is up to 50-55km/h..To match such an exquisite and ultra-small mini car, You will have a very big visual shock.

    3 The receiving board program of this car is more powerful than before. Control is more precise. Able to make a variety of difficult drifting movements. For example, fast turning, fast turning, lateral drift of fast braking, lighting control, etc.

    4. Both front and rear wheels have shock absorbers. Excellent shock absorption performance makes the body stability very strong. It can adapt to a variety of bumps that can better adapt to a variety of terrains. At the same time, the tires of this mosquito vehicle use all-terrain rubber tires, which have strong ground adhesion.

    5. As the new 1:16 mini race car in 2021, the receiving board and remote control are upgraded, using the Upgrade Brushless remote control and internal programs, starting, turning, accelerating and other actions will be more precise and sensitive. At the same time, the internal steering gear adopts 5-wire and 3-wire digital steering gear to control flexible steering, making driving smoother, cornering more stable, and durable.

    6. This upgrade adds a lighting control channel. This channel can also be used to upgrade to a sound package or install a mini camera. Both are good choices.

    UDIRC 1603 specification

    Product name: 2.4G four-wheel drive off-road vehicle
    Product number: UD1603 UD1603PRO
    Body size: 30*15*10CM (length, width and height)
    Color box specification: 34.2*19*20.5CM (length, width and height)
    Outer box specification: 60*36.5*44.5CM
    Single box weight: 1.25KG
    Packing Quantity: 6PCS
    Gross weight and net weight: 10/9KG
    Product information: 18650/ 7.4V 1200MAH (JST plug) four-way 40A integrated control ESC 380 strong magnetic brush motor/540 brushless motor
    Charging time: 1.5-2 hours; play time about 20 minutes; remote control distance: about 30-45 meters

    Guidance before operation

    A) Battery charing

    1. The battery contains less power when leaving the factory.So it must be charged and saturated before use.
    2. Connectet the attached charger with the model battery charging input port,and then connect other usb Output ports.
    3. When charging,the charging indicator is flashing, and the indicator is always on after charging.
    4. Do not put the battery in the model when charging..
    5. The battery must be cooled before charging

    B) Assembly of the model battery

    1. Put out the body clips and Remove the body shell.
    2.Remove the battery fixed piece.
    3.Put the battery in the slot .and reset the Battery fixed piece.
    4. Install the body shell and reset the body clips

    UDIRC 1603 UD1603 RC Car Parts Reviews

    1 The quality of this car is very good, the price is very good, it is very fun, it is worthy of praise!
    2 The quality of this car is very good, this car belongs to the entry rc, the experience is not bad, I can't say anything when I just started, anyway, the experience is really good, the customer service reply is very timely and the attitude is good.
    3 I have played a lot of cars, and my conscience says it should be an off-road vehicle with a very high cost performance.
    1. Built-in gyroscope, remote control can adjust the size
    2. Steering size is adjustable 3. Two sets of tires. Drift tires and pull tires.
    4. Angel's eye light, remote control can be switched on and off, 3 kinds of light adjustment modes
    5. Fully sealed gear, suitable for pulling dust. 6. The shortcomings of the whole vehicle are not enough. stimulate. 2. The battery is too small, and the drift is estimated to be dead in less than 20 minutes. 3. The front and back cups are made of nylon plastic. 4. The five-wire steering gear is not convenient for later replacement. 5. The gear of the motor gearbox is too tight and hasn't been disassembled yet. I don't know if it can be adjusted. Summary: Generally speaking, it is still worth starting. It may be the most cost-effective domestic car in the first half of 2021.
    4 Upgraded version of brushless motor, equipped with ESC and steering gear, the store has installed it and adjusted it, and you can play with it at hand, the chassis layout is reasonable and compact, the remote control is flexible, the lights can be controlled and changed, and the drift tires are planned to be placed. Make accessories and replace them when you need them. I like the original tires. They are generally good. The store’s answers are clear and the service is good. There is also the practice of RC car models. The car shell is formed as a whole, and the toughness is good. It will feel thin when you look at it. This is the feeling after a few cars, it’s fun, Neos, I recommend
    5 The baby is good value for money, I like it very much, the remote control is flexible, and the color-changing lights can be controlled by one button. It is more fun to play, and it is good to go home from get off work. It is recommended. 6 The car is good. It is a gift for the child’s birthday. After taking it apart, it feels bigger than expected. After playing with a set of batteries for a night, the child is very happy. The logistics is superb, and the couriers are very qualified. They climbed the 5th floor without the express cabinet and delivered them.
    7 The drift car is super durable and playable. The appearance of the car is cool [Cool], good quality, high sensitivity of the remote control, the remote control car runs fast, spinning and drifting, playing in the square attracts many people to watch, even women The children are also particularly interested, and they are generally satisfied. The seller's customer service attitude is good.
    8 This remote control car rc professional high-speed drift racing car, the appearance looks very beautiful, the car lights are bright, the car shell is cool, the pvc soft shell is good, and there will be no damage in the general collision! The logistics is very fast, the packaging is very tight, there is no damage when the goods are received, the operation is simple, the sensitivity is high, I have been playing for a few days, I feel great, and the drift is a bit interesting! Haha keep on going.
    9 My son likes it very much. It’s a holiday and put down the game. I have a soft spot for racing! After playing for a long time, the quality is visible! No offroad, no wading, it won't be bad, I recommend it to everyone! 10 Powerful, able to drift, very fun, the gyroscope is easy to use, the professional chassis and the colorful lights are very dazzling, I like this car very much, it is worth having!

    UDIRC 1603 Parts FAQ

    1 What is the difference between 1603 and 1601 1602 1604, are the accessories common ?

    First of all, 1603 is a 1:16 mini-series cross-country drifting dual-purpose racing car newly launched in 2021. 1601 1602 1604 were also launched in 2021. Their internal accessories are basically universal. A few except for the shell anti-collision parts, the internal support parts, and the receiving plate, the others are basically the same.

    2 Is the remote control Parts of 1603 and 1601 1602 1604 the same ?

    First of all, UD1601 1602 1603 1604 all have a brushless version with a brushless version. The respective brushless remotes and receiver boards are common. The respective brushed remotes and receiver boards are also common. Of course, sometimes the factory will upgrade the receiving board. So it is recommended to buy a remote control + receiving board together, so that the package can be used almost 100%.