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Subotech BG1525 Parts
Subotech BG1525 R-Clips Parts for the Body shell cover. S15062904

Subotech BG1525 R-Clips Parts for the Body shell cover, Total 32pcs. S15062904

  • Subotech BG1525 R-Clips Parts for the Body shell cover. S15062904
  • Subotech BG1525 R-Clips Parts for the Body shell cover. S15062904
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Subotech BG1525 parts-R-Clips for the Body shell cover, It includes 32pcs. This accessory is very important, it can easily fix the car shell, and it is more convenient to disassemble. It is worth noting that this accessory is relatively small. Many players are easy to lose when disassembling and installing, so it is recommended to spare more of this accessory. This kit Number is S15062904.

This parts is for Subotech BG1525 WARRIOR RC Truck.Subotech 1/10 RC Monster Car

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Subotech BG1525 Parts

Subotech BG1525 WARRIOR RC Truck and Parts

The Feature for the Subotech BG1525 RC vehicle

Subotech BG1525 WARRIOR 1/10 RC Car
1. This remote control car has an IPX4 grade waterproof function. The surface of the receiving board is also waterproofed. So you can drive in some less watery areas.
2. This drift car is a 1:10 full-scale remote control car with precise control. Due to the 2.4GHZ frequency, it can play games with multiple remote control cars at the same time. This car can do a lot of drifting and off-road actions. It is the product of choice for model aircraft enthusiasts.
3. This remote control car has a four-wheel independent suspension system.
Do some people ask what is an independent suspension system?
Independent suspension is that the wheels on each side are individually suspended under the frame or body through an elastic suspension system. Its advantages are: lightweight, reducing the impact of the vehicle body, and improving the ground adhesion of the wheels; using a softer spring with low stiffness to improve the comfort of the car; it can reduce the position of the engine and the center of gravity of the car, thus Improve the driving stability of the car; the left and right wheels beat independently, and the independent suspension is independent of each other, which can reduce the tilt and vibration of the body.
4. The anti-collision board of this remote control car is resistant to falling and has a long service life with shock absorbers.
6. Because it is a full-scale remote control, the steering of the steering gear is very precise, so the control is very precise and the playability is higher.
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