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Subotech BG1521 Parts
Subotech BG1521 Body shell assembly.Red-CJ0047

Subotech BG1521 Body shell Parts-Body Shell assembly.Red-CJ0047

  • Subotech BG1521 Body shell assembly.Red-CJ0047
  • Subotech BG1521 Body shell assembly.Red-CJ0047
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Subotech BG1521 Parts-Body shell Parts,Body Shell assembly. Its color is Red. This kit Number is CJ0047. It is easy to install on your RC Car. This car shell is waterproof and easy to disassemble.

This parts is for Subotech BG1521 Venturer RC Truck.Subotech 1/14 RC Monster Car

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Subotech BG1521 Parts

Subotech BG1521 Venturer RC Truck and Parts

The Feature for the Subotech BG1521 RC vehicle

Subotech BG1521 Venturer 1/14 RC Car
This is a 1:14 high-speed remote control car produced by the SuBotech factory. There are 2 colors, red and purple.
1. This car continues the previous frame design style, adopting a 2.4G split rear straight axle design. Trapezoidal chassis and disc frame. The transmission kinetic energy of the car is greatly provided, and the angle of the drive shaft is reduced. The whole car uses a 2.4GHZ full-size steering gear four-wheel drive system, and the four wheels are equipped with independent suspension systems. The shock absorption effect is first-rate, suitable for various racing games.
2. This remote control car is equipped with a fully enclosed front and rear independent differential gearbox, which has good dust-proof effect and can be suitable for various terrain competitions. The steering gear adopts a high-torque servo steering gear. It is directly mounted on the chassis next to the motor, providing additional weight for the front axle and enhancing the weight deviation of the front of the vehicle.
3. This remote control Car is full of power, and the landing Running time can be as high as 25-35 minutes. The speed of the car is about 22km/h. The battery adopts a large-capacity lithium battery. Fast and safe charging.
4 The transmission equipment of this remote control car adopts 2.4GHZ technology, which can support multiple remote control car competitions at the same time without interfering with each other. At the same time, the remote control distance can be as high as 50 meters or more.
5 This off-road vehicle is used for an efficient 380 motor motor. The motor provides strong power for the vehicle. It is easier and more labor-saving when climbing than ordinary remote control cars.
6 The tires are made of rubber materials. . The tire surface is hollowed out and the uneven tire texture greatly increases the friction. Make the vehicle not easy to skid. Driving on smooth ground is safer and more stable than ordinary remote control cars.
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