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SG 2801

SG 2801 RC Car Parts SG2801 Upgrades SG 2801 Parts Battery

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The SG 2801 SG2801 RC Car Video

The Feature for the SG2801 RC vehicle

The SG RC factory recently launched a new 1:28 off-road Crawler car. The model is SG2801.The length of the vehicle is about 18.5cm. Although the size is small, the body has sharp edges and corners, fully showing a wild and hard-core attitude. Can be played both indoors and outdoors.let's introduce its features for you below:
1. In terms of appearance, this car uses a solid alloy shell and a super-resistant, super-tough nylon chassis, and the bottom of the car is equipped with a shock absorber spring with a large stroke. Suitable for driving on various terrains. Mountains, grass, concrete. hillside. The beach is fine. The driving speed is about 15km/h.
2. This car is equipped with headlights, turn signals, reversing lights, fog lights, double flashing lights. Each light can be controlled independently. It reproduces the real car in proportion. A model that can be used as both a play and a collectible.
There are simulated interior luggage racks inside the car body.
All the doors of the car can be opened and closed. The trunk can also be opened behind the front hood.
3. In terms of power, four-wheel drive mode is adopted. At the same time, it is equipped with F050 carbon brush motor, which has great torque, and can drive smoothly and unimpeded on any terrain. You can even make head-up movements.
4. The control adopts 2.4GHZ frequency technology, and the transmission signal is stable. Strong anti-interference ability. Support multiplayer games. The car's throttle and steering can be precisely controlled.
5. The tires are all-terrain widened hollow tires. The surface of the tire has cleaned concave-convex tread pattern, which is resistant to compression and wear, and has a very stable grip.
6. The shock absorber adopts a hard shaft non-independent suspension system. There is a very large stroke, which can effectively reduce the bumpy resistance from the ground during driving, maintain the stable driving of the vehicle body, and enhance the stability of the vehicle body.

SG 2801 SG2801 Parts and Upgrade Parts Accessories list

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    SG 2801 SG2801 Product Description:

    SG2801 Metal Body 1/28 RC Car 8km/H 2.4G Brush 4WD Drift Car LED Light RTR Full Scale Remote Control Mini Car Toy Gift For Kids

    Models: SG-2801
    Material :Metal body & plastic
    Speed: About 8km/h
    Servo:8g Three wire steering gear
    Frequency:2.4 GHZ Full scale gun remote
    Battery: 2X1.5V AA battery(not included)
    Car Battery:7.4V 300mAh
    Charge time:60min
    Using time:25 min
    Control distance:50m
    Proportional control:proportional control
    Axle base:101mm


    This model is equipped with full-scale synchronous control functions such as forward, backward, left and right turning, braking,LED light
    2.4G full-scale synchronous remote control system
    1:28 Mini RC Car 6 doors can be opened metal body

    Package List:

    1 * SG-2801 RC Car
    1 * 2.4Ghz 2CH Transmitter
    1 * 7.4V 300mAh Battery
    1 * USB Battery Charger
    1 * Accessories
    1 * English Manual

    SG 2801 SG2801 RC Car Parts Reviews

    1 The first-rate of this automobile is very good, the price is excellent, it's far very amusing, it's miles worthy of praise!
    2 The excellent of this automobile is superb, this automobile belongs to the Entry RC, the experience isn't bad, I can not say whatever after I simply started, besides, the enjoy is genuinely top, the customer service respond could be very well timed and the attitude is right.
    3 i've played a number of motors, and my conscience says it need to be an off-road vehicle with a completely high cost overall performance.
    1. Built-in gyroscope, far off manipulate can modify the scale
    2. Guidance length is adjustable 3. Two sets of tires. Glide tires and pull tires.
    4. Angel's eye light, remote manage may be switched on and off, 3 forms of light adjustment modes
    5. Fully sealed equipment, appropriate for pulling dust. 6. The shortcomings of the whole automobile aren't enough. Stimulate. 2. The battery is too small, and the flow is envisioned to be dead in 20 mins. 3. The back and front cups are made from nylon plastic. 4. The five-twine steerage gear isn't convenient for later replacement. 5. The gear of the motor gearbox is just too tight and hasn't been disassembled yet. I do not know if it could be adjusted. Summary: commonly speakme, it's miles nonetheless really worth beginning. It may be the most fee-effective home automobile within the first 1/2 of 2021.
    Four Upgraded model of brushless motor, ready with ESC and guidance equipment, the shop has mounted it and adjusted it, and you may play with it to hand, the chassis layout is reasonable and compact, the far flung manage is flexible, the lighting may be managed and changed, and the drift tires are planned to be placed. Make accessories and update them when you need them. I just like the authentic tires. They're usually suitable. The store’s answers are clean and the service is good. There's also the practice of RC automobile fashions. The automobile shell is shaped as a whole, and the durability is right. It will experience thin when you study it. This is the sensation after a few motors, it’s amusing, Neos, I endorse
    5 The baby is right cost for money, i like it very an awful lot, the faraway control is flexible, and the color-changing lighting fixtures can be managed through one button. It is greater a laugh to play, and it is good to head domestic from get off paintings. It's miles encouraged. 6 the auto is right. It's far a present for the child’s birthday. After taking it aside, it feels bigger than anticipated. After playing with a fixed of batteries for a night, the child is very satisfied. The logistics is exceptional, and the couriers are very qualified. They climbed the 5th ground without the express cabinet and introduced them.
    7 The float car is first-rate durable and playable. The arrival of the automobile is cool [Cool], desirable quality, high sensitivity of the far flung manipulate, the far flung manage car runs rapid, spinning and drifting, gambling inside the square attracts many human beings to look at, even ladies The children are also specifically involved, and they're generally satisfied. The vendor's customer support mindset is good.
    8 This remote manage automobile rc professional Off-road mountaineering, the appearance appears very beautiful, the car lighting are shiny, the car shell is cool, the percent tender shell is ideal, and there could be no harm within the popular collision! The logistics could be very speedy, the packaging is very tight, there's no harm while the products are obtained, the operation is straightforward, the sensitivity is high, i have been gambling for a few days, I feel top notch, and the waft is a piece interesting! Haha maintain on going.
    Nine My son likes it very a great deal. It’s a holiday and put down the game. I have a smooth spot for racing! After gambling for a long term, the first-rate is visible! No offroad, no wading, it won't be horrific, I propose it to every body! 10 effective, able to flow, very amusing, the gyroscope is simple to use, the expert chassis and the colourful lighting fixtures are very awesome, i really like this car very a whole lot, it's far worth having!

    FAQs About SG 2801 SG2801

    Q.1 How to control the lights of SG 2801 SG2801 car?

    A) First, when you turn on the power. The headlights will stay on and the fog lights and flashing lights will be off. The taillights are always on at low brightness, and will be converted to high brightness when braking.
    B) When the throttle trigger is in the middle position, turn the steering wheel clockwise for more than 5 seconds at the same time to control the opening or closing of the double flashing lights. When the steering wheel is turned counterclockwise for more than 5 seconds, the fog lights can be turned on or off.

    Q.2 Is the SG 2801 SG2801 waterproof?

    Some electronic components are waterproof. So a small amount of wetland is okay, but it is not recommended if the water is too deep.

    Q.3 What motor is in the SG 2801 SG2801 ?

    The SG 2801 SG2801 Off-Road Crawler F050 carbon brush motor.The motor has large torque and low power consumption, which is very suitable for climbing vehicles.

    Q.4 How long is the play time and charge time for SG 2801 SG2801 Car ?

    A battery can play for about 20 minutes. Charging takes about 120 minutes.

    Q.5 Who makes the SG 2801 SG2801?

    The SG RC company makes this High Speed RC Racing Trucks .

    Q.6 Do you have the Upgrade Metal parts for SG 2801 SG2801 ?

    Yes, We currently developed. You can buy directly from our website and we ship almost all over the world.