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SG 1604

SG 1604 RC Truck Parts SG1604 Upgrade Brushless SG 1604 Parts Battery

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The SG 1604 SG1604 RC Car Video

The Feature for the SG1604 RC vehicle

The SG RC factory recently launched a new 1:16 off-road racing car. The model is SG1604, let's introduce its features for you below:
1 This racing car is equipped with headlights in front of the angel's eyes. There are three lighting adjustment modes. At night, you can also drive happily and experience the fun of racing.
2 This off-road vehicle is equipped with ESP body electronic stability system. The built-in gyroscope makes driving more stable and accurate.
3 The interior of the car is all equipped with high-precision ball bearings, with minimal resistance and more power。
4 This car is very convenient to upgrade and modify. The manufacturer has developed upgradeable brushless kit components for you, and you can purchase upgrades according to your own needs. At the same time, this car's original factory has 2 sets of tires, a set of racing tires, and a set of drift tires. In this way, you can drive happily in different terrain environments. Experience more racing games. Difficult movements such as tail flick, drift, hurricane, and tumbling.
5 This racing car uses 2.4GHZ technology remote control and supports multiplayer competitions at the same time. The remote control distance is up to 80m, and the printing speed is up to 35km/hour. The speed of brushless version is as high as 45-50km/x hour.
The steering gear adopts 17g high torque steering gear. The torque reaches 1kg. The original motor uses a 380 brushed motor, and the upgraded version of the brushless motor uses a 7.4V 3900KV high-speed brushless motor. The front and rear of the vehicle body are equipped with damping shock absorbers, which reduce the impedance of the vehicle body when running at high speeds and improve driving speed and smooth performance.
6 This racing car is powered by a 7.4V 1200MAH lithium battery, which is powerful and can run for about 20 minutes. You can also upgrade a larger capacity battery according to your needs in the future.
7 The internal circuit system, such as the ESC, adopts a waterproof design. It can drive safely at high speed in muddy and complicated road conditions.
Overall, this car is of good quality and cost-effective. You can participate in high-speed driving competitions, and you can also participate in highly difficult action control competitions. A lot of playability. It is worth recommending to everyone.

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    SG 1604 SG1604 RC Car Reviews

    1 The car has been received, the quality is very good, the child likes it very much, and the price is not expensive, very satisfied. Recommended by conscientious merchants.

    2 The car is very fun, and the battery is also resistant to use. It is very good after playing for a few days! Car lights are added at the back, so you can play at night. It is recommended to take a package with car lights! Feature: safe and safe for kids to play! Material: There are partitions on both sides of the front and rear bumpers of the car. Good anti-collision! If you like it, you can try it regardless of age!

    3 The logistics is very fast, the packaging is very tight, the car is intact, happy! Now it is very violent in logistics, and I am really worried about it being crushed! The material of the car is PVC soft shell. I really like it. It’s really tall and the material has no peculiar smell. It’s safe for children to play with! recommend.

    4 Excellent value for money, very satisfied, the car lights will not be installed, and the meticulous and thoughtful service of contacting the store is very touching. I wish the business is prosperous, and will come again, it is worth buying back! Recommend everyone to buy!

    5 The car is very fun, I can't put it down after playing for two days! The battery is very durable. Don't change the battery after playing for an afternoon. It's really unprecedented, praise! Must be praised.


    6 With good looks, the little guy chose for a long time, took it to the garden downstairs, and immediately became the center. A group of children gathered around to watch, the most beautiful boy in the crowd.

    7 The car is great, the speed is fast, and the battery is very resistant! A set of batteries can take more than 20 minutes! awesome! The vehicle is more resistant to crashes and drifts smoothly! Recommend to buy.

    8 The car is very cool and the remote control is very sensitive. I always press the accelerator when linking the frequency, but it drove out at once. Because it was broken, I asked the customer service to find out. When linking the frequency, turn on the remote control switch before driving. Switch, this habit of holding the throttle and pulling the machine can be avoided! The business is very dedicated to serve us, thank you!

    9 The drift remote control is great, very nice! It's a lot of fun, the pvc shell can be very durable, strong and crashworthy! The battery is very resistant! It is recommended to shoot large-capacity batteries! Refuel the drift car.

    10 This car is fun and very playable. It goes straight to the brushless version. There is no need to consider upgrading. It is a very conscientious product. It has good speed, runs straight and has enough grip. It is directly attached to the head-up wheel, and the rubber has good toughness. The support is enough, the body is stable and it is not easy to turn over, so I bought another one, so I have three, 1601 1603 1604, and it is more cost-effective than 1/16 of some factories, because I bought it for direct play, no modification Pieces, hehe, I won’t change it all at once. I bought three sets in this store. Sincerely, it’s really fine and worthy of consumption.

    11 A particularly high-end off-road climbing vehicle with independent shock absorbers, which is resistant to falling and crashing. It is fast, very cool, and I like it very much.