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Best RC Battery Pack,Best RC Car Battery,Lipo NIMH NICD RC Battery.

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    Welcome to Our RC Battery pack,RC Batterie packs Shop. Here has the best price and quality for the RC battery, RC battery charger, RC battery connectors. Also, we wholesale the RC car battery,rc lipo battery, RC lipo battery chargers. The battery for RC car has many types, Before you buy it, you must know your RC battery connector types, your RC battery shape, your RC battery pack's voltage, and battery RC car capacity, etc. if you have any question or want to find the battery you want ,please email us : flyma123@gmail.com. we will support you the best RC Battery,rc battery charger,NiMH battery charger RC.

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  • 3.6V Battery
    3.6V NIMH Battery
    3.6V NiCd Battery

  • 3.6V Battery
    3.6V NIMH Battery
    3.6V NiCd Battery

  • 3.7V Battery

  • 4.8V Battery
    4.8V RC Battery
    4.8V NIMH Battery
    4.8V NiCd Battery

  • 6V Battery
    Toy Car Battery 6V
    6V RC Car Battery
    6V RC Battery
    6V NIMH Battery
    6V NiCd Battery
    Ni-Cd AA900mah 6V

  • 7.2V RC Battery
    7.2V NIMH Battery
    7.2V NiCd Battery
    7.2V Lithium Battery

  • 7.4V Battery

  • 8.4V Battery
    8.4V RC Battery
    8.4V NIMH Battery
    8.4V NiCd Battery

  • 9.6V Battery

  • 11.1V Battery

  • 12V Battery

  • 14.8V Battery

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RC Battery Connectors,RC LIPO Batteries Connectors

How to choose the right RC Battery?

    Usually the RC battery was used in all kinds of toys, such as RC Cars, remote control aircraft, RC tanks,RC Drone,RC Quadco[pter,RC Hexacopter,RC Robots, etc.

rc battery example 1 1. The battery pack's voltage is the same. (That means, the V number is the same, the volt is the same,Look the picture above ,the voltage is 4.8V,or 4.8 Volt )
2. The shape and size of the battery pack is the same.( See The left picture show:the shape is "1 Row with 4X Small AA battery",the battery size is :56X50mm,so your battery must match your battery,then can be put into your toys .)
3. The battery pack Connector is the same.(See The left picture show:it has many Connector,such as SM Connector,JST Connector,Air-to-Air Connector,HuanQi-2P Connector,Oda Palance Connector,DaTian Palace Connector etc. )

Generally,Match the above three conditions, this battery pack can be used For your toys.

For Example:The left picture show:NIMH AA 3500MAH 4.8V ,So the Volt is 4.8V(Also called 4.8 Volt);the capacity is 3500mah,the Battery material:MINH(Also called NI-MH.);The Battery size is 56X50mm;The Battery shape is :1 Row with 4x AA small Battery.You must match the Same Volt,Same size,same Shape.then you can use this battery .

  Need to pay attention
1. Battery Capacity(MAH): the "mah" represents the capacity of the battery, it does not affect the use. the larger the mAh, the longer the use time
2. Discharge coefficient:For the "lipo battery", it has a Discharge coefficient(It short for "C") , just 15c, 20c,25C etc. .This represents the Battery discharge speed. the larger the C value, the faster the discharge speed.
    So if the Capacity is the same ,the more C value,the more speed or more power for your toys . Meanwhile, the running time will become shorter .
     Therefore, for RC Helicopter, RC Drone, upgraded brushless RC cars, which require the fast speed or stronger power, you can purchase a discharge coefficient of at least 15C(15C, 20C,25C, usually RC Helicopter and Drone at least 15C, RC toy car does not care about this .Upgrade brushless Car And Boat at least 15C.). For ordinary toys, RC TOYS CAR, RC toy boat, RC ROBOTS, RC TANK, and remote control robots, you do not need to consider these issues.
3. Battery Weight: If the battery's weight is different, usually it does not affect the use of your toys. Because usually the heavier the battery, the bigger the capacity. So usually you do not need to consider these issues. But for the RC Drone, You'd better choose the LIPO Battery, because it has a Lighter weight than NIMH And NICD Battery
4. Battery shape and size:Different voltage battery packs have different sizes and shapes. So please check carefully for the shape and size, if they are the same or your toys' battery space is big enough, you can buy the same size battery or bigger size battery.

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