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JLB Cheetah RC Car Parts Upgrade Brushless JLB Racing Cheetah 21101 Parts Battery Reviews

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JLB Cheetah 21101 RC Car Video

1 Why choose the JLB Racing Cheetah 21101 RC Car ?

Today I am pleased to introduce you to this jlb racing factory 1:10 4-channel high-speed buggy JLB Cheetah 21101RTR-120A.

1 There are 2 versions of this buggy, and the differences between the two configurations are mainly as follows.
Low version (ESC: Cosun 80A ESC, remote control: White Dragon Bridge 3-channel remote control).
High version (ESC: good surplus 120A ESC, remote control: Dumbo 4-channel remote control).

2 The shape of this buggy is similar to the streamlined shell design of Traxxas Big E. Both are flat and streamlined design this buggy can easily reach speeds of more than 80 km/h.

3 The internal frame continues the fine tradition of the Cheetah Bigfoot, with its square shape, large internal space and strong stability performance. It is suitable for all kinds of upgrades.

4 This car's tires are very unique in shape, the tires use a unique texture design, so that the tires can better absorb the grip of the ground, more adaptable to high-speed galloping environment, improve the vehicle's driving stability performance. At the same time, the tires and wheels have a close fit, which does not allow the site of dirt, mud, leaves and debris into the tires, which is convenient for subsequent cleaning of the tires and enhance the service life of the tires. At the same time. The head-up wheel is part of the whole car, allowing you to complete impressive air flip stunts at any time. High-grade head-up wheel design makes the whole car highlight high-end, this car has easy head-up, upright walking and other stunts, while its special balance performance makes itself not easy to roll over.

5 This body is equipped with a head-up wheel at the end. He can make the RC car stable upright walking, convenient for players who like stunt hobby control. At the same time, it can easily make more stunt movements. At the same time, the head-up wheel is designed with two wheels, which makes this speed card have more stable head-up performance than the Cheetah Bigfoot.

6 This car is very stable and has a higher center of gravity than other racing cars. The car has a high strength cushioning device, which makes it perfectly adaptable to all kinds of road terrain. It is especially suitable for driving in indoor race tracks and venues with a lot of curves.

7 The reasonable ground design of the lower part of the body makes the whole body strength greatly increased. He will not be afraid of the general impact. It is a combination of plastic and hardware design, plus the bottom is also equipped with a strong second floor plate, more enhance the fall resistance, that is, beautiful and strong.

8 The shock cartridge of this car has a high grade hydraulic oil. It will make the piston run more naturally and smoothly in the shock cartridge, play the role of shock absorption, lubrication and damping, you can drive it yourself and experience the fun of high-speed driving.

9 This car has a strong CVD driveshaft inside. The exterior looks so bright and smooth, while the shocks are so thick in diameter that it allows the JLB Cheetah 21101 to fly over high and low roads and rugged mountain terrain with ease! Truly gives you peace of mind that you don't have to worry about damage and injury to her drivetrain and other components.

10 This race bike is fitted with a full metal butterfly frame, also known as a shock mount, front and rear. This design greatly ensures the stiffness and structural support stability of the body skeleton. In addition, the titanium-colored metal parts together with the enthusiastic black shell make the whole car shape full of dynamics.

11 The interior of this body adopts a fully enclosed differential, with 1000# silicon oil installed inside the speedo. This design makes the differential can run for a long time and go over the mountains. Even if you often play with extreme head-up stunts will not wear out the gears, greatly improving the life of the differential.

12 The headlights of this car are adjustable, and the third channel LED has 4 flashing device modes, so you can also playfully drive at night.

13 2.4G transmission frequency, the maximum remote control distance up to 150 meters.

2 JLB Cheetah 21101 Parts and Upgrades Parts Accessories list

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    The details for the JLB Racing Cheetah rc car

    Product parameter

    Name: 1 / 10 four-wheel drive brushless electric waterproof racing card
    Model: 21101-120A
    Brand: Golden Cheetah JLB
    Product contains: body, charger, a manual, a set of car shell stickers, a remote control, the other are in the car, does not contain tools and 4 3A battery
    Packaging: 4 units / box
    Outer box size: 81*59*53CM
    Net gross weight: 15/22.5KGS

    Full vehicle data.

    21101 /120A RTR version
    Length: 500mm
    Width: 370mm
    Height: 205mm
    Wheelbase: 310mm
    Wheelbase: 310mm
    Ground Clearance: 58mm
    Travel weight: 3.5kg Product configuration (RTR version)
    Servo: Waterproof 40g 21kg/cm 0.15sec/60°
    Motor: Waterproof brushless motor 3670 type four-pole 2500KV
    ESC: waterproof brushless inductor ESC continuous current 120A (good Ying ESC)
    Lithium battery: waterproof 11.1V 4000mah 30C lithium battery pack
    Charger: 2S ~ 3S AC power supply simple balance charger charging current 1A
    Remote control: 2.4GHz gun type 4 channels (DUMBORC-X4)

    Package included.

    1x 1:10 remote control car
    1x RC car battery
    1x Transmitter (battery not included)
    1x ESC(120A)
    1x Motor(3670-2500KV)
    1x Servo(21KG)
    1x Sticker
    1x Charger
    1x manual

    3 JLB Cheetah 21101 RC Car Reviews

    3.1 #1. JLB Cheetah 11101 vs 21101 vs J3-Speed

    The Speed Compared

    A) J3-Speed is a racing car with super fast running speed in JLB Racing products. The speed of brushing is as high as 100km/h. At the same time. In contrast,JLB Cheetah 21101 have the same max speed 80km/h as the JLB Cheetah 11101.Note: The limit speed refers to the maximum speed reached by idling. When the road conditions on the ground are different,such as muddy environment,lawn environment,and uneven ground conditions,the speed will be lost. This is lossy for both JLB Cheetah 21101,11101 and J3-Speed.

    B) Why is JLB Cheetah 21101 faster under the same power equipment than the 11101 ? There are several reasons. The first is that JLB Cheetah 21101 is lighter in weight,so it will start to accelerate faster when accelerating,and it will be easier to reach the top speed. the 21101 RTR weight isb about 3.5kg,the 11101 RTR Weight is 3.84kg.
    However,The Cheetah 11101 has a relatively large weight,and the acceleration will be slower if the same power is started. To reach the maximum speed,the acceleration distance and time required are longer.

    The second reason is the visual effect,because the J3-Speed and the 21101 is smaller ,the Cheetah 11101 is Wider and higher. So you feel that the displacement of the same object on the same road section will have different feelings.

    In summary,at the same distance and length,due to acceleration,volume,and weight,the overall speed of JLB Cheetah 11101 will be slower.

    The Size and Weight Compared

    In general, the three remote control cars have a ratio of 1:10, their body length, wheelbase, and wheelbase. The heights are all the same length.

    The difference is that in terms of width, 11101 is the widest, with a width of 390mm, 21101 with a width of 370mm, and J3-Speed with a width of 360mm.

    At the same time, the ground clearance is also different, with 11101 being the highest, with a ground clearance of 62mm. The ground clearance of 21101 is 58mm. The ground clearance of J3-Speed is 58mm

    The final body weight is also different. 11101 is the heaviest. Its weight is 3.84kg. The weight of 21101 is 3.5kg. The weight of J3-Speed is 3.5kg.

    The Inner Electronic equipment Compared

    The brushless motors of 11101 and 21101 have the same power, and both are waterproof brushless motors 3670 2500KV. The motor power of J3-Speed is stronger, and it is a waterproof brushless motor type 3670 3200KV. Therefore, in terms of speed, J3-Spped has the strongest power and the fastest speed.

    3.2 #2. The customer reviews for the JLB Cheetah 21101 RC Rock Crawler

    1 as a remote control car enthusiasts, at once in the store bought three different cars, play two days, overall, really good, I did not expect domestic remote control cars and such good quality, very playable. The configuration of the material used is still very good, give a good review to support, continue to cheer! Look forward to doing better and better.

    2 and the same description, the car is simple and beautiful, very fast, simply can not be too violent, play when the throttle does not dare to give too much, half is very fast, very resistant. Entry essential, like

    3 and the seller described the same, is genuine. My brother and I like it very much, we both compete to play, the seller and courier service attitude are very good, the next time will come back, praise!

    4 Baby especially like this car . The main speed is very cool, very want to drift When the tire quality is very good, the posture is very beautiful. When the speed is pulled to the maximum speed, you can really experience the thrill of violent aesthetics.

    5 racing car received, fast delivery, this off-road racing car inertia is very good, run really fast, the toy is very good, good quality, but also not afraid to fall, the baby likes to love, collect store later back,

    6 This car drift stunt action control is particularly good, basically can raise the head after a very steady forward. This is the other similar 1 / 10 can not be compared, I heard that J3-Speed can also reach 100 km / h speed, I can not believe that really is too fast. Super like.

    7 This car was a birthday present for me. I was so happy that I held a contest with some model car friends the day before yesterday. I managed to win the race because of the help of this amazing race car, thanks a lot. I'll see if I want to upgrade the motor again to improve the ultimate speed.

    8 Some time ago I got this che . A brief evaluation of this car from the quality, speed, crash resistance, stunt action, feel and Traxxas performance has a fight. But from the price side, it is cheaper, there are some cost advantages, right. The same type of 1/10. You can also consider DHK hobby, LC Racing, etc. Also good.

    9 This 1/10 series of cars are more durable, materials are used in all aspects of material is very adequate. Speed words, also good, there is a 70 to 80km / h hour. Comprehensive tail, drift, head-up, roll and other action control to consider, it is also relatively easy to handle, I give a good review it.

    4 JLB Cheetah 21101 FAQ

    1. who makes the jlb racing cheetah ?

    JLB Racing cheetah was produced by the Shenzhen golden cheetah Technology Company ,They are locaed in the Shenzhen City,GuangDong Produce,China. All their rc car and Parts ,you can buy on the internet.

    2. what is the weight of jlb racing cheetah 120a ?

    This remote control car includes a color box, remote control, and internal electronic equipment. The weight is about 5.625kg. If you only calculate the RTR version, the weight is about 3.5kg.

    3 how to waterproof components in jlb cheetah 21101 ?

    First of all, the components we selected are basically waterproof. Such as ESCs, electronic equipment. Including the tires and wheels are coated with waterproof glue. At the same time, you can also add electronic components, such as ESC, waterproof jackets on the metal connection part of the receiving board, and waterproof glue.

    4. How to slow down the Jlb Racing Cheetah rc car ?

    A). First of all, consider using a battery with a lower discharge rate, such as 25C, 15C, so the speed will be reduced
    B).I would recommend a radio with an adjustable EPA (end point adjustment) if your current radio doesn't have that option. That will allow you to adjust the top speed easily.
    C). The best way is to adjust it via the transmitter. If that is not possible, you could try putting a small block behind the trigger, so that it cannot be fully pulled anymore.

    5. what kind of grease should i use for my jlb cheetah differential case ?

    Hello, use 1000# silicone oil and apply it on your differential.

    6 how fast is jlb cheetah ?

    The speed of JLB Cheetah is 80km/h. There are currently two versions, the low-end version (the ESC is the Consheng 80A ESC, and the remote control: Bailongqiao 3-channel remote control);
    High-end version (the ESC is a Hobbywing 120A ESC, and the remote control: Dumbo 4-channel remote control). You can buy it according to your needs.

    7. what bodies fit the jlb cheetah ?

    1/10 scale Bigfoot off-road vehicle Body fit. His specific dimensions are listed below for your reference. His body length is 500mm, width is 370mm, height is 205mm, wheelbase is 310mm, wheelbase is 310mm, ground clearance is 58mm, walking weight: 3.5kg product configuration (RTR version).

    8. how fast for the jlb cheetah ?

    The current fastest speed is 100km/h. The maximum speed of normal 120A is 80km/h. When you continue to upgrade to J3-Speed, you can reach 100km/h

    9. What ESC can i use on my jlb 21101 cheetah ?

    Consheng 80A ESC or Hobbywing 120A ESC.

    10. jlb cheetah rc car is same as what other car?

    The exterior shape is a bit similar to Traxxas Big E. The internal structure is still different, and the center of gravity is relatively high. Very fast.

    11. why isn't there any hopup parts for the jlb cheetah 21101 ?

    At present, this kind of demand is relatively small. If there are many customer needs in the future, we will develop it. Currently not available

    12. what seems to be the first thing that needs to be replaced on the jlb cheetah ?

    If you use it often, it's a battery. Followed by chargers, tires, shock absorbers, and car shells. The chassis is relatively strong and rarely breaks.

    13. How to charge your jlb cheetah battery using the included charger?

    Charging Battery is very simple. First, turn off the power switch on the bottom of the vehicle body and disconnect the battery plug from the plug on the vehicle body. Find the white charging plug on the battery, and then connect it to the charger to charge it. Note that if you have just played with the remote control car for a while, the battery may still be a bit warm. It is recommended to cool down for a period of time before charging. It is also recommended to cool down for a while after charging. This can greatly increase the service life of the battery.

    14. what is the biggest size brushless motor can install in my jlb cheetah ?

    At present we are using a waterproof brushless motor type 3670 four-pole 2500KV, if you limit it, you can try to use Powerful Brushless 3200KV 3670 Motor

    15. where do the stickers go on jlb cheetah 21101 ?

    Usually it will be included in the color box, you can find it carefully

    16. why does my jlb 21101 cheetah keep shutting off randomly ?

    This is an automatic protection function, because the remote control car is very fast, so it will automatically shut down.

    17. How to take the wheels off the jlb cheetah ?

    First of all, the outside of the wheel is usually M4 or M5 nuts. You need to find a wrench that can remove the M4 and M5 nuts. Then, after removing the nuts on the outside of the wheel, you can slowly remove the tire.