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HG P801 P802
HG P801 P802 Parts-JK-03-3/4 Truck Body support frame-2pcs-(Yellow-Can only be used for HG-P802)

HG P801 P802 JK-03-3/4 Truck Body support frame-2pcs-(Yellow-Can only be used for HG-P802),HG P801 P802 1/12 8X8 Military Truck Parts,RC HEMTT Accessories

  • HG P801 P802 Parts-JK-03-3/4 Truck Body support frame-2pcs-(Yellow-Can only be used for HG-P802)
  • HG P801 P802 Parts-JK-03-3/4 Truck Body support frame-2pcs-(Yellow-Can only be used for HG-P802)
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HG P801 P802 RC Military Truck Parts. The kit number is JK-03-3/4. This is the Truck Body support frame. Total 2pcs. (Yellow-Can only be used for HG-P802)

This Parts is suitable for the HG P801 P802 HEMTT RC Military Truck.

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HG P801 P802 HEMTT Parts

HG P801 P802 HEMTT RC Truck

The Feature for HG P801 P802 HEMTT RC Car.

This is a full-scale 8-channel 1:12 heavy truck simulation model produced by HG RC Models Factory.
1. In terms of power supply, this model uses 7.4V 3000mAh 30C high-rate lithium battery. It has strong power and long running time. Fast and safe charging, energy saving and environmental protection.
2. In terms of transmission, it adopts 2.4G three-channel automatic frequency matching and full-scale synchronous remote control system. It can be remotely controlled accurately at a super long distance. At the same time, we have upgraded to 8-channel control, which greatly satisfies your precise control of various movements of the model.
3. In terms of power transmission, 320A independent electronic governor, 45A brushless ESC, and 2 9kg high-power copper gear digital steering servos are also used. Full steering power, flexible steering and full power. At the same time, we are also equipped with independent regulated power supply for the steering steering gear.
4. In terms of internal transmission structure, our central transmission's secondary mechanical gear is adjustable, and you can also upgrade it to Auto remote control.
5. The chassis structure of the whole vehicle adopts zinc alloy materials, and the front and rear axles adopt a bevel-to-straight-tooth high-load reduction transmission structure, which greatly improves the power transmission capacity.
6. We equip the body with powerful spring steel shock absorbers and a telescopic dual shock absorber system. Greatly improve the stability performance when running in the mountains.
7. At the same time, we adopted a variable-travel universal drive shaft and a front and rear independent linkage bridge suspension system. Make the whole body have flexible and powerful steering ability
8. The side panels of the rear side of the car can be fully opened. The body floor is made of aluminum alloy, which is strong and resistant to fall.
9. Complete vehicle 8x8 8-wheel full-time drive, 550 high torque motor (3650 brushless motor) using planetary gear drive structure
10. The lighting combination and simulation sound combination can be upgraded under any platform modification
11. The first 4 wheels adopt a wire rope pulling structure to realize the same synchronous steering of the four wheels.

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