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HG P801 P802

HG P801 P802 RC Truck Parts Upgrade HEMTT 8X8 HG P801 P802 Parts Battery Reviews

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The Video HG P801 P802 HEMTT RC Military Truck

HG P801 P802 HEMTT RC Military Truck description

I am very happy to recommend this 8X8 1/12 HEMTT RC Military Truck. This simulation model car has achieved the ultimate in all aspects. I would like to briefly introduce you to the following:
1. Large climbing angle. This military Truck can easily endure on slopes to the road. Low-speed mode can be driven below an inclined plane of 35°; high-speed Mode can support an inclined plane below 15°.
2. The large wading depth is up to 55mm.. This army truck has a high chassis, and the internal electronic components are all waterproof. It can drive safely and easily within 55mm of water depth.
3. 801 has a large load capacity.. The load capacity is as high as 10KG, which is unmatched by any ordinary model car. More goods can be transported.
4 Super traction.. The car can be tied to the back of the car, and the car can be easily pulled in a low-speed mode through the remote control.
5 The small turning radius is about 1 meter. The width of the ditch is about 180mm.. It can be easily driven in different terrains. Whether it is muddy terrain, grass, rock piles, or pits, you can climb forward with your company.

HG P801 P802 Parts and Upgrade Parts list

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    The details for the HG P801 P802 HEMTT RC Military Truck

    Highly simulated appearance, exquisite details, military feelings, and awe at first glance. Both sides of the door can be opened. The 801 model with carriage can carry heavy objects up to 10KG. Large climbing angle: low speed gear 35° ; High-speed gear 15°, large wading depth: 55mm. Small turning radius: about 1 meter. The width of the ditch: 180mm, the factory comes standard without battery and charger, which needs to be purchased separately.

    Upgraded version to add lighting and sound effects.The originial package do not include this upgrade lighting and sound effects

    Product parameter

    Item No.: HG-P801
    Product name: 1/12 2.4G 8-wheel military truck (without battery, charger)
    Product size: 74×22×24CM
    Color box size: 78X30X28CM
    Carton size: 93X29.8X34CM
    Color: Army Green
    Packing method: English noodle box, EPP inner box double opening (with portable)
    Packing quantity: 1
    Gross weight: 13.5KG
    Net weight: 11.4KG
    Motor:L550 class high torque brush motor 3660 brushless motor
    Speed governor:320A Independent electronic governor. 60A Brushles ESC
    Battery parameters:7.4V 3000mAh high-rate lithium battery (no delivery)
    Remote control distance:80 meters
    Remote control category:Full-scale synchronous control system (gun control)
    Driving time:20 minutes (with brush and low speed test), 30 minutes (without brush)
    Charging time:about 4 hours (no delivery)
    Charger:7.4V=800mAh (no delivery)
    Remote control battery:4*1.5V AA battery (no delivery)

    Protection function:

    1. Low voltage alarm;
    2.High temperature power-off protection;
    3.15A voltage stabilization
    4.Speed:12 km/h in low-speed mode; 18 km/h in high-speed mode
    5.Material:hardware, zinc alloy, electronics, plastic

    Detailed configuration parameters

    1. 2.4G four-channel automatic frequency matching and full-scale synchronous remote control system
    2. 2 15kg copper-tooth digital steering gears (high-power steering)
    3. Independent 15A power supply mode for steering steering gear
    4. The secondary mechanical gear of the central transmission is adjustable (remote control adjustable)
    5. The chassis structure of the whole vehicle adopts zinc alloy materials
    6. The front and rear axles adopt a bevel-to-straight-tooth high-load reduction transmission structure
    7. Spring steel sheet shock absorber + telescopic double shock absorber
    8. Variable stroke CVD ball universal joint shaft
    9. Front and rear independent linkage bridge hanging system
    10. The rear side panels of the car can be fully opened
    11. Aluminum alloy of body floor
    12. 8x8/8-wheel full-time drive, 550 high torque motor (3660 brushless motor) using planetary gear drive structure
    13. Vehicle 1:12 full-scale high simulation model; 320A independent electronic governor/60A brushless ESC
    14. The lighting combination and simulation sound combination can be upgraded under any platform modification
    15. The first 4 wheels adopt a wire rope pulling structure to realize the same synchronous steering of the four wheels

    HG P801 P802 Reviews

    1 I am very satisfied with this military truck, and my kids love it too. The same as described. He has a total of 8 wheels drive and is full of power. I often share it with my model lover, and open it together, which is great. I remember that I also used this car to tow my car. It was really powerful. Haha.

    2 I am a model lover, this model car is very cool. Every detail is really the same as an American military truck. It is worth my collection. At the same time, it is indeed as stated in the video, driving very smoothly under various road conditions. It has enough power to move forward with a heavy load on a pile of sand with rocks. Transport sand and gravel. This is a very good adult toy.

    3 This truck is driven by 8X8 and each axle has independent suspension. This allows the tires to better contact the ground when climbing on rough terrain. In addition, I upgraded the lighting system and voice control system. At night, it is really domineering under the bright searchlights. The voice control system is also very good, there is a feeling that you can restore to the real American military truck. In short, these two military trucks brought me a lot of fun. recommend.

    4 I bought this truck for my son. He is a model junkie. After we received the truck, it was really heavy. Very texture. After I charged the battery, I checked the truck carefully. , I found that the transmission system looks very durable and very powerful. I told my little son to sit on a scooter, and a rope in front of it was connected to this military truck. When I started the military truck, it was great. My son and the scooter towed forward easily. The most important thing is that we are on the earth. The ground is uneven and still maintains such a strong power. highly recommended.

    5 This car has two speed modes, the fast mode is estimated to be 18 km/h and the slow mode is 18 km/h. And the stroke of the throttle can be adjusted. The greater the throttle, the faster the speed. This is a real simulation of the driving appearance of a heavy-duty military truck. Although the speed is slow, it is very powerful and full of pull. I can pull a lot of things. It's great.

    6 This remote control truck can climb many difficult obstacles. My son is very happy. The interior is composed of 8 independent driving wheels, which can easily climb on various uneven terrains. At the same time this car is well-made. The body is heavy and takes care of. Let's take this military truck to the beach for fun. It's great. He can easily drive on the beach. In, the fun is endless.

    7 Our heavy truck is heavy. It is very stable on any ground and adapts to various road conditions. We plan to mount a small camera on this truck. Take a documentary. It's great. The child loves it.

    8 After a period of testing, the battery life is very good, in line with the expected time in my mind. This military truck most simulates the motor and transmission system of a real vehicle. I like his suspension and transmission system for a long time. Because almost every wheel is independently equipped with a suspension system. In this way, he can almost adapt to driving in any road conditions. In addition, for such a heavy truck, his impact force is also amazing. I tested the bricks and drove them directly. I only heard a bang, haha, it was very powerful. But the body is fine, so it's more collision-proof.

    In addition, wait until winter arrives before testing the snow. There are currently no conditions for driving on snowy roads. look forward to. In the final overall rating, I gave this car 9 points. It's really great..

    HG P801 802 Common Question

    Is this truck 1/10 scale or 1/12 scale? What is its total weight?

    Answer:This is a 1/12 scale, strictly in accordance with the 1/12 times the ratio of American military trucks. The weight is about 13.5kg

    2 Why remove the battery when not in use?

    Answer:Taking out the battery when not in use will protect the battery and extend its service life.

    3 How to charge this? I can't find where to plug in the charger

    Answer: You can remove the battery from this truck. There is a white plug on the battery. Connect the white plug and the plug on the charger to charge it.

    4 Is this military truck waterproof?

    Answer: Yes! We drove through the mud pit without any problems. Its maximum wading depth is 50mm.

    5 What is included in the default Package ? Do the truck have batteries?

    Answer:This truck is not equipped with batteries and chargers by default. You need to choose a battery with suitable power according to your own needs. 2S and 3S are both possible.In addition, there are 2 versions of this military truck, one is the original version, and the other is the version with sound control and lighting.