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HG P602

HG P602 RC Military Truck Parts Upgrade 1/12 6x6 HG P602 Parts Battery Reviews

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The Video HG P602 1/12 Cougar RC Military Truck

HG P602 RC Military Truck description

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    The details for the HG P602 HEMTT RC Military Truck

    Product parameter

    Product name: Hengguan 1:12 six-wheeled cougar (without battery, charger)
    Product Specifications: Car: 647*232*293MM
    Color box size: 83*31*37CM
    External specifications: 85*33*39.5CM
    Packing quantity 1PCS
    Gross/net weight: 10.5KG/9KG
    Motor: 540 high torque brush motor/3660 brushless motor related certificates
    Speed governor: 160A independent electronic governor/60A brushless ESC
    Product battery: 7.4V 3200MAh large rate lithium battery (need to be purchased separately)
    Wheelbase: (314MM)*(115MM)
    Frequency: 2.4G HZ
    Wheel distance: 222.5MM Wheel diameter: R100MM
    Remote control distance: about 80 meters
    Packing: English noodle box, white foam inner box
    Remote control category: Full-scale synchronous control system (16 channel square control)
    Remote control time: 20 minutes (with brush and low speed test), 30 minutes (without brush)
    Product color: desert yellow
    Charging time: about 4 H (without delivery)
    Charger: 7.4V=800MAH (no delivery)
    Remote control battery: 6*1.5V AA battery, 2S, soft pack lithium battery (no delivery)
    Protection function: 1. Charging; 2. Low voltage; 3. High temperature
    Speed: 20 km/h in low gear; 25 km/h in high gear
    Material: hardware, zinc alloy, electronics, plastic

    Protection function:

    1. Maximum climbing angle: low gear 40°; high gear 30°
    2. Maximum wading depth: 55MM
    3.Maximum traction of front winch: 10KG
    4. Minimum turning radius: about 1 meter
    5. The maximum width of the groove: 180MM

    Detailed configuration parameters

    I am very happy that HG Factory has launched this 1:12 full-scale simulation model military truck HG P602. Its appearance is cool and realistic. Its characteristics are described in detail below:
    1 The whole car has a total of 16 channels of control, using 2.4GHZ remote control frequency, automatic frequency linking, and precise full proportional control.
    2 The outer car shell adopts ABS plastic car shell. A 9kg high-power digital steering servo is installed inside. The turret on the top of the car supports 360-degree rotation, and you can also use the remote control to control the rotation of the turret. The front of the car comes with metal anti-collision insurance. A simulated engine is also installed in the front of the car. The shape is cool and realistic. At the same time, the hood can still be opened manually.
    3 The central transmission inside the body has two mechanical gears. The gears can be adjusted manually or remotely, which is very convenient. The transmission shaft adopts a CVD ball universal joint shaft with a variable stroke. The motor adopts 540 high torque motor and 160Ad independent electronic ESC, which can easily tow a real car. At the same time, you can also upgrade to a 3660 brushless motor with a 60A brushless ESC. In order to improve its operating power and driving time.
    4 The "V"-shaped structure is adopted at the bottom of the vehicle, and a large number of load-bearing structures are adopted. The load capacity is strong and the load is stable. At the same time, the axle adopts a bevel gear inner belt differential speed reduction transmission structure, which greatly increases the efficiency of the vehicle's transmission of kinetic energy.
    5 In terms of shock absorption, this 6X6 truck uses an independent spring steel shock absorber and a telescopic dual shock absorber system. This makes the car can adapt to all kinds of complex road conditions greatly. Easily drive on roads such as deserts, land, rocky beaches, grasslands, etc.
    6 This simulation model car has a broad upgrade space. You can upgrade the light combination or simulated sound combination according to your needs. You can also upgrade your winch traction function, simulated smoke function, etc.

    HG P602 Reviews

    1 I finally got my beloved heavy truck today. I like it very much. It is the so-called one penny for one thing. The feel, weight, and details of this car are all handled very well. Is what I want.

    2 This remote control truck has great collection value for model lovers. The dynamic style is good. It is recommended to upgrade the sound system and lighting system. It's perfect and lifelike in all aspects, so I can't put it down. As for whether to upgrade the brushless, I think it is not necessary.

    3 My son saved money and bought this truck. It was not bad. After receiving the goods, it was full of weight. More than 10 kg. The components inside are very good. The details are handled very well.

    4 As a fan of World War II, this mine-protected vehicle during World War II likes it very much. The packaging is intact after receipt, I highly recommend this car.

    5 My husband really likes this kit. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because it was a month late and the box was bent. Otherwise he likes it!

    6 I haven't dealt with models for 1 year. Recently I have more time, and I have come back again. I was previously impressed with the details of HG RC Models. Especially that HG P801. I like it very much.
    It took me about 25 days for this package to arrive in my hands, but when I saw the details of these parts, I was very satisfied. It is a great model.

    7 My little grandson likes these two simulation model trucks very much. All of its windows can be opened. At the same time, it has a 16-channel remote control, which can easily control various details of the action. zh

    8 If you are looking for a powerful climbing military truck, then you must consider this vehicle. It is indeed an impressive car. 1/12 size model. The model itself is equipped with 6 tires. If you need to replace any spare parts, we can buy them online. Now I'm talking about its climbing ability. , It does a very good job on all types of terrain. For example, it can be easily driven in a steep pile of rocks, or in a lawn overgrown with weeds. Speaking of terrain, the gearbox of this small truck is waterproof, so you can drive in shallow water. It is definitely not recommended to submerge it!

    9 This truck is designed with a 6X6 structure and is very powerful. I tried to pull our car, and it can indeed be pulled. The most important thing is that its shock absorption systems are independent. In this way, it can drive smoothly in various venues. Stable performance is very strong. It can be used as an off-road truck or driving in puddles or mud. As a fan, I have spent a lot of money on models. This car is worth my collection.

    HG P602 Common Question

    Is this truck 1/10 scale or 1/12 scale? What is its total weight?

    Answer:This is a 1/12 scale, strictly in accordance with the 1/12 times the ratio of American military trucks. The weight is about 10.5kg

    2 Why remove the battery when not in use?

    Answer:Taking out the battery when not in use will protect the battery and extend its service life.

    3 How to charge this? I can't find where to plug in the charger

    Answer: You can remove the battery from this truck. There is a white plug on the battery. Connect the white plug and the plug on the charger to charge it.

    4 Is this military truck waterproof?

    Answer: Yes! We drove through the mud pit without any problems. Its maximum wading depth is 50mm.

    5 What is included in the default Package ? Do the truck have batteries?

    Answer:This truck is not equipped with batteries and chargers by default. You need to choose a battery with suitable power according to your own needs. 2S and 3S are both possible.In addition, there are 2 versions of this military truck, one is the original version, and the other is the version with sound control and lighting.