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HG RC Models
HG P602
HG P602 HG-RX15 Parts.N20 front winch Slow down Motor.

HG P602 HG-RX15 Parts.N20 front winch Slow down Motor,Replacement Accessories for the HG P602 Truck

  • HG P602 HG-RX15 Parts.N20 front winch Slow down Motor.
  • HG P602 HG-RX15 Parts.N20 front winch Slow down Motor.
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HG P602 Parts HG-RX15.N20 front winch Slow down Motor.HG P602 6X6 Replacement Accessories, 1/12 HG RC Models U.S Miltary Cougar 6X6 MRAP RC Car Spare Parts.

This Parts is suitable for the HG P602 6X6 RC Military Truck.

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HG P602 Parts

HG P602 HEMTT RC Truck

The Feature for HG P602 RC Car.

1. Large climbing angle. This military card can easily endure on slopes to the road. Low-speed gear can be driven below a 40° slope; high-speed gear can support a slope below 30°.
2. The large wading depth is up to 55mm. This army truck has a high chassis, and the internal electronic components are all waterproof. It can drive safely and easily within 55mm of water depth.
3. P602 has a large load capacity. The load capacity is as high as 10KG, which is unmatched by any ordinary model car. More goods can be transported.
4 Super traction. You can upgrade the winch towing function. The car can be tied to the back of the car, and the car can be easily pulled in a low-speed mode through the remote control.
5 The small turning radius is about 1 meter. The width of the ditch is about 180mm. It can be easily driven in different terrains. Whether it is muddy terrain, grass, rock piles, or pits, you can climb forward with your company.

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