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HBX 18859E Rampage Parts

HBX 18859E Rampage RC Truck Parts Upgrade Brushless HaiBoXing HBX 18859E Parts

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  • HBX 18859E Rampage RC Car Buggy,1/18 Haiboxing HBX 18859E Rampage Electric 4WD Off-Road Truck

    This is a real high-speed four-wheel drive off-road vehicle.
    Friends who know the goods should know the brand of Haiboxing, the quality is one of the best in professional high-speed cars. Needless to say, please watch the video to know that those low-quality remote control cars basically rush down from the high platform once, and the gears will be scrapped. The HBX remote control car was intact in continuous crashes at a height of two or three meters. Such performance cannot be achieved without excellent production technology and special attention to materials.

    This off-road vehicle has the following highlights: full-time four-wheel drive, 2.4GHZ remote control, 35km/h remote control speed, internal full roller bearing structure. Strong magnetic 380 motor motor. Four-wheel drive suspension system. Complete vehicle RTR assembly. Anti-skid tire material. High-speed lithium battery power. High-strength steering steering gear.

    1. Strong magnetic 380 motor. This mountain cross-country high-speed vehicle adopts four front and rear driving forces, has strong power control and a large independent shock absorber function. Whether it is in the open desert wilderness or on the rocky sections with difficult and steep terrain, it can drive easily and freely. Called an off-road warcraft, a wild conqueror. It can easily conquer various terrains, such as snow, rocky beach, mud, sand. There are no site restrictions, and you can play at will.
    2 Full-scale steering steering gear. The steering of this vehicle is the same as that of a car, and the steering angle and steering speed can be adjusted at will. The rotating wheel on the remote control can adjust the steering, and the speed of the steering can be controlled according to the speed of the wheel.
    3 Anti-slip differential. This off-road vehicle is equipped with anti-skid differentials in the front and back, which can make the vehicle turn more smoothly, and it is not easy to turn over when turning sharply at high speed.
    4 RC stepless variable speed remote control. The remote control trigger is the same as the car throttle. The speed of the remote control car can be controlled by pulling the trigger.
    5 Four-wheel drive independent suspension shock absorber system. The four wheels of this car are equipped with independent shock-absorbing springs, which can effectively reduce the impact of impact on the body and improve the off-road capability of the remote control car.
    6 Anti-skid tires. This car uses deep-grain TPR automatic pneumatic tires with excellent anti-skid performance. The tire surface has irregular concave and convex surfaces, which can provide strong grip and easily conquer various complex road conditions.
    7 The remote control adopts 2.4GHZ wireless anti-interference remote control. The signal penetration is strong, and it can achieve long-distance remote control within 80 meters.
    8 The power battery adopts 650mah high-energy battery. Long service life, fast and safe charging. It can last 20 minutes on a single charge.
    9 Depth waterproof design, ESC and receiver are all sealed, fully waterproof design. When you are driving, whether you cross the waterway or encounter wind and rain, you can still play brilliantly.
    10 The shell adopts explosion-proof PA tough shell. Extrusion and bending are not easy to exercise, and the anti-fall and anti-collision effect is good.
    11 The interior has a full-car ball bearing design. The ball bearing has low resistance to rotating friction. The temperature generated by friction at the same speed will be lower.
    12 There is a metal drive shaft inside. It is an important part of power transmission. Its function is to transmit motor power and engine power to the wheels.



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HaiBoXing HBX 18859E Rampage RC Car Reviews

1. The things are very good, the quality is great, and the overall operation is very good. The details of this product are very well done, the workmanship is exquisite, and the horsepower is sufficient! The matching parts are also very delicate, really good. Children like it very much, very easy to operate. Experience the sense of lever.

2. I have bought this remote control car for a year. It has accompanied me through numerous games, and I love this remote control car very much. This remote control car is very fast. Strong and resistant to fall. In this year's driving, almost every time you can maintain accurate jumping and flipping posture. When I use the fast mode to drive on hard ground, its rolling and sliding is very easy to achieve. Of course, for novice beginners, you can also use the slow mode. It is very easy to get started and the operation is very simple.

3. The logistics is well received, the package is intact, and my brother delivered it to the door. This toy remote control car is a gift for my little nephew. The quality is very good and the style is super handsome. My little nephew likes it so much. I will buy it next time!

4. The child chooses it himself, he likes it, not bad. The child likes it very much, the remote control is sensitive, a value-for-money toy, highly recommended.

5. I received the car, my son can't put it down, I really like it. My son can easily get started with the remote control. After playing these days, I came here to comment. His quality is very good. It is strong and crashworthy, the remote control is flexible, and the distance is very good. Everyone who likes can buy it now.

6. The quality is very good, it looks high-end and high-end, the children like it very much, the logistics is fast, the customer service attitude is good, I am very satisfied.

7. My child is 10 years old this year. As a beginner of remote control car, I bought this small truck for it. He goes to play with the pickup truck several times a day. There are 2 speeds for this small truck to choose from. One fast mode, one slow mode. Suitable for the needs of different groups of people. When I received this small truck, I bought a few more car shells, and then painted the car shells with different colors. At the same time, I also bought 4 batteries. Each battery can be used for about 13 to 16 minutes. Whenever a battery runs out of power, I will ask the child to come to me to help him change a new battery, and then he can play for a long time by appointment.

In order to train my son, I also put a track in the field and practiced leap, gliding, tail-flicking, and tumbling for my son. This car can make good stunts. . Finally, the overall evaluation of this car is that the new performance is excellent. primary. Intermediate enthusiasts can drive this car. Very cost-effective.

8 At first, my son insisted on buying this product. I am skeptical of her choice. But the fact is, after receiving this product, I am very surprised that his workmanship is so sophisticated. The overall structure is compact and resistant to fall. It contains almost all the structures of all real cars. The overall length is about 10 inches. The outside of the ESC receiving board adopts a waterproof baffle. The shock absorber adopts four-wheel drive independent suspension system, shock absorption and drop resistance. The motor uses a 380 strong magnetic motor. The battery uses a lithium battery design. The tires are big wheels. The appearance is also very cool.

9. I haven't played with this kind of toy before, it's quite fun. The green pickup truck looks very good and I love it. In fact, there are a lot of toy cars in the house, but this green little truck is still very attractive to the little baby. Once I got home, I hugged it. I bought a remote control car for the little guy and had a good time! The evaluation is high quality and low price, worth buying. The car is not bad. Mostly children like it!