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Feilun RC Boat
Feilun FT011

Feilun FT011 RC Boat Parts Upgrade Feilun FT011 Parts Battery Propellers Reviews

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Feilun RC FT011 RC Boat Video

Why choose the Feilun FT011 RC Boat ?

I am very happy that Feilun FT011 high-speed boat was born. The speed of this high-speed brushless remote control boat is up to 65km per hour. Built-in water-cooling circulation system. Long battery life. The motor has a long life. Let you experience the great speed and passion on the water. Let's introduce its characteristics in detail below.
Large and swift, FeiLun FT011 brushless RC boat is so appealing. It is the awesome shark that can drift on the water in an impressive way. With its moving tail, the water flow will not affect its direction. You do not need to wait for the still water, the cabin is fully protected against water. In case it capsizes, FeiLun FT011 will automatically turn upward. Enjoy racing and the excitement that the RC boat brings to you!
Main Features:
● 65km/h high speed with the brushless motor, gives you the amazingly thrilling sailing experience
● Water cooling system effectively provides a favorable working environment for the electronics inside
● Automatically corrects deviation. Reach the destination without being affected by the water flow
● Self-righting function - no worry about capsizing. It flips upward after being turned upside down
● Extremely waterproof with the PROTECTION of the rubber ring on the Edge of the two covers
● Powered by the rechargeable 14.8V 30C 2200mAh high-capacity lithium-ion battery

Maximum speed: 55km/h
Brushless motor size: 5 x 3cm
Boat battery: 14.8V 2200mAh 30C lithium-ion ( built-in )
Note: the boat does not come with lubricant.

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    Feilun FT011 Boat Reviews

    1 The white is very unique. I have played with a few ship models. This is the best, brushless version, which can be used for competitive competitions. The power of the boat is very strong, the battery life is stable, and the battery is very long-lasting. I bought 5 batteries at a time. The remote control is simple and easy for children around 15 years old to play. It is especially recommended.

    2 The power of the brushless motor is strong enough, and the boat turned too quickly, which really scared me. However, it was easy to turn over according to the operation requirements. After playing with two batteries for 30 minutes, I am satisfied with the online shopping. The boss's business is booming.

    3 A small and cute boat, this size is relatively large, and it has everything that should be available. It is moving towards modelling. It has a full-scale control. It has a waterproof electric adjustable micro steering gear and a fixed water jet. The most amazing thing is that it has a water-cooling setting that is rare. Imported The size of the boat is not necessarily there, but this one has it, hahaha

    4 The little baby likes it very much. I tried it out. Now I am not interested in TV. I always want to play boats. The quality is very good and it is worth recommending. The white speedboat is so beautiful, the three batteries have a lot of fun, the quality is quite good, I like it.

    5. The quality of the boat is very good. The store's answer is also very patient. I am very satisfied. The 011 of the flywheel is very cool. I have played several remote control boats, and I like this one the most.

    6 Very soon, the merchant said that the speed can reach 50 kilometers per hour. It feels so fast. The packaging is also very delicate, with a boat frame. The child's father also likes it very much.

    7 The logistics is fast, the merchants count the reputation, and they move forward after launching. They are very sensitive to the left and right, and the quality is not picky. I am very satisfied!

    8 The performance of the boat received is very good, the battery is good, the specific time has not been seen, but it is enough to play once, and the remote control distance is also very far, very sensitive, and it is worth recommending.

    9 The performance of the boat is very good, the battery is good, the specific time is not seen, but it is enough to play once, the remote control distance is also very far, very sensitive, it is worth recommending

    10 The quality of the boat is very good. I went to play it on the weekend. After a few laps, it ran very well. The speed is very fast, and the battery is durable. It is ideal.

    11 Both adults and children like it very much, basically five to six-year-old children can play, the quality is very good, very powerful, it is worth recommending

    12 Received the goods, the boat is very big, it is similar to the real thing, it is very fun, it runs quite fast, it is easy to operate, and the quality is satisfactory.

    13 As soon as I got it, I can't wait to open it. DHL express is fast, the packaging is good, the workmanship is fine, the battery is durable, the white quality is very high, and adults and children have a lot of fun.

    14 colors and styles are very good, high quality, is my ideal boat, fast speed, worth recommending.

    15 Children can be independently remote control, the quality is good, very good

    16 Received the speedboat in good shape, in good condition, cool and real shape, running fast, and the remote control is also very easy to operate, my baby son likes it very much! Haha finally bought something that I like

    17 The horsepower of the speedboat is really good, the quality is very good, it is too easy to operate, I thought it was real from a distance, it is very real, the battery can also be used for a long time, I am satisfied!

    18 The boat is really fast, I bought it to play with myself, the child wants a boat, and I am going to buy another one that is more suitable for children to play here.